Haiwan Park's 24hours - The Xiamen park that never sleeps

Updated: 2009-05-27
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With a beautiful panoramic sea view, Haiwan Park is located on the west side of Hubin Xilu and between the west Xiamen waters and Yundang Lake. The park covers an area of 200,100 square meters. The view sweeps over the bay with Haicang Bridge on the right and Gulangyu islet on the left.


Built in 2006, Haiwan Park is the largest urban park in Xiamen. The park is divided into seven parts. They are Sky Garden, Earth Garden, Tree Garden, Grass Garden, Water Garden, Coastal Scenery Garden, and Avenue of the Stars. As a whole, the park can be divided into two main parts (the North Park and the South Park.) by Avenue of the Stars. 


According to the plan, Haiwan Park not only can increase the urban green space, improve and reorder the urban landscape, but also can meet the social interaction of urban residents and outdoor leisure needs.



Built in 2006, Haiwan Park is the largest urban park in Xiamen


The Avenue of the Stars is 300 meters long and 40 meters wide, with 2076 LED lights paved on the ground which can display more than 40 kinds of patterns under the control of a computer. In particular, there is a running music fountain which is composed of 240 water nozzles in the middle of the avenue.


The Avenue of the Stars is designed to be one of the key parts of Haiwan Park. If visitors walk along the Avenue of the Stars, they can have a close contact with the vast sea at the far end. This kind of idea that links the city with the sea is a rare find in China.



The Avenue of the Stars


7 a.m.- Crack of dawn in Haiwan Park is very serene and the air is fresh. It is hard to imagine that only an hour or so ago; the night life has just subsided, replaced by joggers and early morning strollers.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. All buildings inside the park are designed to feature modern European architecture styles which complement themselves with the park.


There is a wetland park in the south of Haiwan Park where people can recognize different kinds of aquatic plants and learn more about wetlands.


11 a.m. - Quickly, the day has begun and by noon, Haiwan Park is back into full swing, the park is full of activities.


A large natatorium with complete functions is also located inside the park. It has a 25-meter-long, 21-meter-wide standard indoor swimming pool, a 50m×25m standard outdoor swimming, pool and a children’s pool. It also has other aquatic services like water SPA and many other hydro health care services.


The park is also an ideal place for kite-flying for its wide open-air area and few overhead electric wires in the park. Some pyramid-shaped man-made hills are scattered in the park.


Apart from the wetland, south of Haiwan Park is most popular with people for its recreational facilities. There are also some places and sports facilities available for exercise.


People who skate and surf board can enjoy the roller skating ring there. Once considered illegal in Xiamen island as the surf boarders made use of inappropriate places to conduct their activities, now they can safely use the area specially allocated to them. The kids can enjoy anytime and anyday as the skating ring is open during most hours.  


6 p.m. - In the early evening, you can watch the sun slowly setting down at the far end of the glittering sea. You can also see local women picking oysters on the beach. Sitting on the waterfront ladder or sprawling out on lawns, it is blissful while enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the music from the bars behind, or watching the ships sailing across the sea under the setting sun.


The most important feature of Haiwan Park is that it is built by the sea. The park has a lot of scenes relating to the sea, such as the waterfront railing, which has become a paradise for sea fishing. You can see fishing fans lined up along the railing which creates a very spectacular scene. Sometimes they will gather in the north of the park which is at the mouth of Yundang Lake. Over the water gate is the magnificent viaduct. It becomes more charming when the evening lights are lit.



J.J's Bar & Grill, where you can taste authentic Texan flavors


7 p.m. - There are high-grade seafood restaurants, barbecue restaurants, coffee shops etc. inside the park for you to have a good dinner. Recommended one is J.J's Bar & Grill, where you can taste authentic Texan flavors and Jiangfeng Yuhuo, where you can enjoy large portion of delicious charcoal grilled fish and other fresh seafood as you like.  


9 p.m. to dawn - Everyday when the sun sets and evening falls, Haiwan Park turns itself into a paradise for a wonderful night life in Xiamen. There are a row of bars, discos, cafés, restaurants, and pubs by the seaside which are always crowded with energetic young people and thrill seekers.


When night falls, lights are turned on along the Avenue of the Stars and the music fountain is dancing with music. Neon lights are flashing in night clubs, bars and disco pubs. Haiwan Park comes alive again for the night owls and the night entertainments.


Along the major commercial area, clubs like KK Disco, The Key, Honey bar, Tunnel 66 etc take over the serene and the peace of the Park. Here, thrill seekers of the night, sexily attired girls and macho boys plough the street and the clubs.


As a large comprehensive and multi-purposes park with tourism, leisure, recreation functions, booze and dances, Haiwan Park has become a shining 24hour city card of Xiamen. 


How to get there:


Take bus No.11, 22, 31, 43, 54, 66, 71,102, 504, 520, 533, 625, 803, 808, 810, get off at Haiwan Gongyuan stop (Haiwan Park).



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