Explore Xiamen's night life at the Hubinnan area

Updated: 2013-02-20
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If you are wondering where to spend your nights in Xiamen, the Hubinnan area is almost certainly the best choice. For lovers of nightlife, Hubinnan is absolutely party-central.

As one of the main roads in Xiamen, Hubinnan Road is runs alongside the scenic Yundang Lake, which is popular for its nice location beside the lake and Hubinbei Road, the area with biggest population in Xiamen, which makes it the ideal place for the emerging night life market.

On Hubinnan Road, you can find many of Xiamen’s most popular night clubs and bars such as 1801 Bar, Club Louis One, Soul Bar, and other bistros which worth to spend your whole night quietly with a single glass of wine or two.
No matter what kind of music or entertainment you are hunting for during a night out, you can find somewhere to have a great time within Hubinnan area. Whether it’s meeting new expats, travelers and locals in one of the packed bars, raising a quiet glass of beer or scotch with friends, dancing into the small hours, or just enjoying a quiet night with some of your best friends, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place and enjoy a wonderful night!

Need some tips on where to go? Here are some of the best bars and clubs in the Hubinnan area
1) 1801 Bar  
Add: No, 469, Huibinnan Road (under United Hotel Xiamen)
Tel: 0592-5201801
2) Soul Bar 
Add: No.188 Hubindong Road (Hubindong Lu) (near United Hotel Xiamen)
Tel: 0592-5075078
louis one
3) Club Louis One 
Add: No.469 Hubinnan Road, Xiamen (near United Hotel Xiamen)
Tel: 0592-2068888
4) The Atrium Looby Lounge
Add: No.99 Hubinnan Road (within Xiamen Airlines Lakeside Hotel)
Tel: 0592-2218888
tianshang renjian
5) Xiamen Tianshang Renjian Entertainment Town
Add: No.26 Hubin 1st Ln (3F at Minnan Hotel Xiamen)
Tel: 0592-5894444
small bar
6) Small Bar
Add: No.332 Hubinnan Road (near U.B.C Coffee)
Tel: 1646013009
Exotic Coffee Bar
7) Exotic Coffee Bar
Add: No.265-267 Hubinnan Road
Tel: 13959273643 / 15980967450
the longue
8) The Lounge
Add: No. 98 Hubinzhong Road (within Kempinski Hotel Xiamen)
Tel: 0592-2588888
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sid Wu
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