KK Club in Xiamen Haiwan Park to reopen in June this year

Updated: 2013-04-15
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The K.K. is under renovation in Haiwan Park (Photo/WOX News)
The renovations of KK Club in Xiamen Haiwan Park are expected to be completed in June this year, according to a source with the club.
As one of the oldest bar brands in Xiamen, the club moved from Chang Qing Road to its current location in 2007, becoming the latest addition to this entertainment area, which houses a row of exotic bars, discos, cafés, restaurants and pubs.
After its relocation to Haiwan Park, the club became the city’s most popular nighttime playground and the leading club in Fujian Province, with sound and lighting designed by leading industry designers from Paris & Hong Kong.
Expect the latest facilities, coolest drinks and the hottest girls in town – KK will be back with a bang! 
SOURCE: WOX News by Sanmao Lin
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