Wang Lu, an outstanding part-time model based in Xiamen

Updated: 2013-07-19
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Wang Lu
Wang Lu
Wang Lu Wang Lu Wang Lu Wang Lu Wang Lu
Wang Lu
Born in Xinjiang Province, Wang Lu is now a dedicated and part-time model with XM80SPR Co., Ltd (80后时尚模特机构) in Xiamen, Fujian. She is 176cm tall and 54kg, with BWH measurements of 86/60/90cm.

In 2008, Wang was nominated as one of the Miss Etiquettes at the Beijing Olympics. A year later, she came to Xiamen after being enrolled by Jimei Chengyi College. She then came fourth in the 2010 Miss Tourism Queen International and the champion of China area.

Since her sudden rise to fame, she has often been invited to attend fashion shows and tourism festivals, such as the 2011 Macau (International) Auto Show and the 3rd Dalian Lvshun International Tourism Festival.

As a Xinjiang native, Wang is good at Xinjiang dance, the local folk dance. In her spare time, she likes to teach her classmates to dance.

Name: Wang Lu (王璐)
Station: Xiamen
Height: 176cm
Weight: 54kg
BWH Measurement: 86/60/90cm
Contact Person: Joy
Tel: 1379984096
QQ: 524364212

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