Installing telephone, Internet, satellite TV & A/C in Xiamen

Updated: 2014-01-15
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Xiamen, a famous “garden city”, has attracted more and more people from home and abroad to travel, work and live here because of its beautiful landscape and comfortable environment.

However, living in Xiamen seems not so easy at the beginning, and you may meet some living difficulties due to language barriers and the unfamiliar environment. For example, you may feel confused when you want to install or repair some smart home devices such as telephone, internet, satellite TV and air conditioner because there are many companies claiming they are authorized to perform such installations. 
Here WOX will give a brief introduction about the installation services of telephone, internet, satellite TV and air conditioners in Xiamen.

Despite the prosperity of the mobile phone market in Xiamen, some residents in the city still install telephones at home as they link some housing services to their telephone devices, such as internet connections and utility bills. While setting up a new telephone, professional installers can connect new structures to the telephone system, install phone jacks, launch phone-based alarm systems, program phone systems and lay wires.

As for Internet connections, here is a list of Internet service providers in Xiamen for your reference: Xiamen Telecom, Xiamen Unicom, Great Wall Broadband Network, Broadband Transport Network, Xiamen Tietong and Xiamen Netcom. Among them, Xiamen Telecom is believed to have the widest internet coverage across the city.

Satellite TV has gained much popularity in the last few years. Some apartment buildings in Xiamen offer their residences international channels via independent dish systems. You can also install a personal satellite dish for more international channels. There are several commercial satellite TV broadcasting companies who have signal coverage in Xiamen, while the most popular option seems likely to be Dream Satellite TV Package from the Philippines. You can enjoy ‘dream’ TV programs after installing one small dish (0.45m/0.55m) and assembling it with the ‘dream’ receiver.

Air conditioners have become an important household appliance in Xiamen residents’ lives. The service network of installing and repairing air conditioners has been well improved in Xiamen recently. The cost of A/C installation varies from around RMB 50 to RMB 200 based on the machine size, mounting position and installation material.

These installation services are different from place to place. If you have any questions about services of these home devices, you can call Aily Yang, a friendly bilingual staff member of Apple Travel & Living. Apple Travel & Living specializes in providing services that can meet your daily needs and requirements in Xiamen, including air/train tickets booking, hotel reservation, relocation services, household services, driver license conversion, currency exchange and real estate property rental and sales. It boasts a team of professional service personnel, repairers and installers. 
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Fujian Province, China
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SOURCE: WOX for Apple Travel & Living
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