Taiwan Commodity City at Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza

Updated: 2014-05-21
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Taiwan Commodity City
Looking for Taiwan featured products? Here is somewhere worthwhile to give it a go.
Opened in January, Taiwan Commodity City is located in the northern area of Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza. The store covers an area of nearly 600 square meters with 370 square meters' of usable floor area.
A wide variety of more than 500 kinds of featured products are on sale in the store, including food, skin care and makeup products.
Signature Taiwan goods such as Kinmen kaoliang liquor, kitchen knives, pineapple cakes, Taiwan tea and Jinlan condiments can also be found there.

It is worth mentioning that all the products sold at Taiwan Commodity City are all directly imported from Taiwan.
Add: A2220-2260 Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza, No. 98-118 Binbei Er Road, Haicang District
Tel: 13799733773/0592-6531800
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