Where & how to shop for Halloween costumes in Xiamen & online

Updated: 2014-10-14
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Wox halloween
WOX 2013 Halloween Party
The 8th WOX Halloween Party is slated to kick off at the Fountain Square by the seafront in Xiamen’s Haiwan Park (the same as last year) on the night of October 31st. 
Halloween is about more than just the traditional tricks and treats – dressing up in a creative, well-executed costume adds to the fun of Halloween and can definitely make you the talk of the night.

Some prefer to make their Halloween party costume on their own. For those who do not want to stitch a costume or have no time to do so, WOX has gathered information on several venues and shops in Xiamen that sell costumes for the occasion.

1) Wal-Mart (SM) (沃尔玛SM店)
Address: 1st floor, SM Plaza, FuXia Road, Xiamen
Tel: 5569503

2) Wal-Mart (Railway Station) (沃尔玛火车站店)
Address: World Trade Center, No. 878-888, Xiahe Road, Xiamen
Tel: 5827028 5827029 5827030

3) Metro (麦德龙)
Only for Children
Address: No. 8, Changhao Road, Huli District, Xiamen
Tel: 5758888

4) Yuanhan Traditional Chinese Clothes Shop (缘汉汉服汉礼推广中心)
Traditional Chinese Clothes only
Address: No. 373, West section of Mingfa Commercial Centre (2F of Shangping Street, just opposite the B&Q)
Tel: 15659298141

5) Golden Dragonfly Store (Shengping Road Branch) (红蜻蜓精品屋)
Address: No. 26-28, Shengping Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Tel: 2079808/2020251

6) FANQI Chinese Drama Clothes (繁旗国际)
Traditional Chinese drama clothes only.
Address: No.48, G section of Mingfa Commercial Centre, Xiamen
Tel: 13799273326
7) Deruisha Costume (德瑞莎演艺服饰)
Address: 2nd floor, RT-MART, N0.95 Tiyu Road, Xiamen
Tel: 5537387

However, if you think the choices are limited at the store, you can also give it a try online. The best site to find those costumes is taobao.com, the only downfall for some is that the site is in Chinese. Here, we will try to make it possible to buy on Taobao if you don’t read Chinese well by showing the steps and taking you through it.
Here are the steps
Enter www.taobao.com.
First, you need to sign up for an account.
1. Click 免费注册 on the left top corner of the homepage. 
2. Enter your name in the first column, your password in the second column, reconfirm your password in the third column, and the visual validation code goes in the fourth column.
PS: Password must consist of a combination of at least one number, letter and symbol. The length should be between 6-16 characters.
Then click "同意以下协议并注册" to move on to the next step.
3. Enter your mobile phone numbers in the second column and click "提交".
4. Your mobile phone will receive a text message. Place the 6 numbers you receive in the column.
5. Then you will see the following picture to complete registration.
6.Then you click "淘宝网首页" on the top and the following picture will appear.
7. Type in “Halloween costume” or “万圣节服装” to the search bar.
8. You can then choose the Halloween costume you like.
For example, if you like the costume in the following picture, click "立即购买"
9. Next you need to enter you address and contact information as follows. In "街道地址" column, you have to enter Chinese address. 

10. Then you enter the next page. Click "快递9.00元" and select "货到付款", then click "提交订单"

11. Finally, wait for the courier to knock at your door, make sure you have the money ready to pay.
If you have any questions, you can contact Apple Travel for help.
For more information please contact:
Apple Travel Xiamen Office (Main Office)
Address Shop 18-20,Guanren Rd (behind the Marco Polo Hotel)
361006 Xiamen,
Fujian Province, China
Reservations: (86-592)-0592-5074377
Fax: (86-592)-5052948
consultant@appletravel.cn  Website: www.appletravel.cn  
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 08:30-18:00 Sat. 09:00-13:00 
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