2009 WOX Halloween - The DJ from OZ, Simon Hibberd

Updated: 2009-10-21
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Simon Hibberd, the DJ from Queensland
He is slim, tall and terrific, he is Simon Hibberd, the DJ from Queensland, Australia, where beaches, music, party and sun worshipping are their regular events. And indoor entertainment, the night discos at Brisbane and Gold Coast famous night venues, these are places where Simon got his early days funky dancing and deejay training from.
Outdoor festival on a Colombian Caribbean beach
With over 7 years as a DJ, and 10 years experience in co-ordinating events, this Aussie DJ Simon, the disco kid from down under, really knows what makes the punters groove. With an upbringing in the outdoor "doof" scene in sunshine state of Queensland in Australia, where he played heavy psychedelic beats at all day parties in the rain forests outside Byron Bay, to the beaches and mountain tops near Brisbane, Simon has always had an ear for groovy beats.
The Sunday afternoon cocktail parties at Smart Hero Club
This DJ is not only well oiled in OZ (Australia). He travels widely and extensively for the purpose of sharing his love for music. Throughout his travels he's played gigs in many different countries, including England, Cambodia, Guatemala, Argentina, an outdoor festival on a Colombian Caribbean beach, and at the infamous full moon beach parties on Koh Phangan, Thailand. 
Now, in his home of Xiamen for the past 3 years DJ Simon has personally made it his mission to share and enrich the social lives of it's expats. From helping to form the Xiamen Rugby Club, to being the entertainment coordinator and DJ at the popular Xiamen Beach Parties, and just recently organising Sunday afternoon cocktail parties by the pool at Smart Hero Club there is always something going on. 
Now, for Halloween 2009 he is again prepared to lay the funkiest tunes on the decks, and bring the grooviest people to the rock dance floor. So, bring your costume, be there and be scared....
SOURCE: WOX buddies


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