2015 Gulangyu Cup football tournament: Entertainment shows

Updated: 2015-06-16
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The Second Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament is scheduled to kick off on June 20 at Gulangyu People's Stadium.

This year, 16 teams will participate in the seven-a-side football tournament. The teams will consist mostly of expats from Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tsingdao and Kunming.

As the football clubs are under busy training progress for the event, the preparation of a series of entertaining performances is underway simultaneously. The WOX cheerleaders, DJ Russell One, Afro-Spirit Africa dance group and the X-Over band from the Key are set to cheer up this year's match.
WOX cheerleaders
The WOX cheerleaders consist of 16 members. They are school students, ballet dancers and white-collar workers coming from different cities across China and Russia, aged from 18 to 30.
cheerleader    cheerleader
cheerleaders      cheerleaders

The team has been practicing hard every weekend for almost 3 hours each time.

'We are all very proud to have the opportunity to give a performance at the Gulangyu Cup tournament again,” said Lily, leader of the team, 'Every cheerleader is looking forward to showing the best of us and bringing positive energy to the event.'
DJ Russell One

Russell has long experiences as a DJ. Dance career has led the Russia DJ to start the creativity in music. Since then he inspires fans of dance music in different venues every year, from bars to luxury night clubs.

His favorite music styles are deep house, vocal house, club house, pop and mash up.
He was a resident of C2 Night Club (Russia), Margarita Night Club (Thailand), Live Show Night Club (China).

At present, he is a resident of Gagarin restaurant and W-club bar, as well as a frequent performer at 'Shapowei art zone' and ‘La Vue Bistro & Lounge’ in Xiamen.

DJ career:
2013- resident of 'Magarita' night club (Thailand)

2013- resident of 'C2' night club (Russia)

2014- resident of 'Live Show' night club (Tianjin, China)

2014-2015 - resident of 'Steve's Bar (Xiamen, China)

2015- resident of 'W-club' (Xiamen, China)

2015- resident of 'Gagarin' cafe (Xiamen, China)

African dance group 
africa dance

Afro-Spirit is a Xiamen-based talented African dance group. Formed in 2010 by 3 friends, the dance group aims to showcase and share the rich African culture with the Chinese people.

The dance group consists of a small group of friends who used to sit around during leisure time, singing and playing the African drums. In 2011, the number of the group members has grown to 10 and everyone of the group possesses a unique talent represents the diversity in culture that exists in Africa today.
africa dance

'We are able to deliver any show performance that is best suited to the needs of our clients. Since 2013, we have been signing big and long-term contracts across China, from Maoming (Guangdong) to Xiamen (Fujian).' said Hermann, leader of the group.
africa dance

'We are proud to say that we are a household name in the Fujian province's African showbiz and our show performances range from the African Warrior dance, the Fire dance, the Capoeira, the Congo, Ghana and Zulu dance, and the Hip Hop dance. All Our instruments and costumes are generally brought from Africa.'

X-Over Band from the Key
The X-Over band will be also performing for 2015 Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament.
Consists of 7 members, the band is currently a resident of the Key club in Xiamen. During the 2014 WOX Halloween Party, X-Over band rocked the audience with their always-splendid performance, and they are looking forward to impressing the crowd at the upcoming football tournament on June 20th.
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