Saxophone concert by France Quartet Ellipsos on Chinese Valentine's Day

Updated: 2016-08-02
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When: 7:30 p.m., August 9th, 2016
Where: Banlam Grand Theater/闽南大戏院
Tickets: RMB 80
Ticketing hotline: 400-880-2281
Chinese Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on July 7th on the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on August 9th this year. The holiday brings a rare opportunity to have a taste of French romance without traveling afar, as a French saxophone quartet is coming to town to stage an intimate concert.
Formed in Nantes in 2004, the Quartet Ellipsos is one of the best young French chamber music groups. The musicians are constantly exploring their instruments' technical and expressive possibilities and seeking new musical challenges.
The Quartet performs original classical works and transcriptions from composers such as Ravel, Grieg, Schumann, Debussy, Prokofiev or Bartok, as well as works from surprisingly different musical styles.
Members of the Quartet Ellipsos
>   Soprano Saxophone: Paul-Fathi Lacombe
Born in 1985, of Ethiopian origin, Paul-Fathi Lacombe came across the saxophone at the music school of Parthenay when he was 11. He is recognized as one of the best soprano saxophone players in the world.
>   Alto Saxophone: Julien Jean Pierre Marie Brechet
Julien Bréchet was born in 1979 in Lyon. Today, he teaches in music schools around Lyon. In 2004, he received certification as an Artistic Tuition Assistant (CNFPT).
>  Tenor Saxophone: Sylvain Roland Marie Jarry
Today, Sylvain Jarry's professional activity is shared between teaching and concerts. He teaches saxophone at the Saint-Prix and Montlignon music schools and is a member of the Madsax Quintet, Breiz Workshop, and a professional wind band.
>  Baritone Saxophone: Nicolas Jacques Patrick Herrouet
Born in 1984, Nicolas Herrouët received his first musical education at Saint Sebastien sur Loire, then at the Nantes Conservatory from which he graduated in 2003. Nicolas Herrouet holds a French National pedagogic degree at the Nantes Conservatory (more 3,000 students from France and all over the world).
Le Tombeau de Couperin                      Maurice Ravel
在库普兰墓前                                   拉威尔   
•    Prélude 前奏曲    
•    Rigaudon 里戈东舞曲
     Menuet 小步舞曲  
     Toccata 托卡塔                                                     
Cantilène                                           Jean Françaix
抒情歌曲                         弗朗赛
Astor Piazzolla                                  Adios Nonino
再会诺尼诺                                    皮亚佐拉    
Suite Espagnole                                 Isaac Albeniz
西班牙组曲                       伊萨克阿尔贝尼兹
The Right Time                                  Karen Street
最佳时机                         凯伦斯特里特
Peer Gynt Suite                                  Edvard Grieg
培尔金特组曲                     格里格    
        Le Matin 早晨            
        Danse d’ Anitra 阿尼特拉的舞蹈  
        Dans la halle du roi de la montagne 山魔王的殿堂    
Go Down Moses
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Armand123 commented on 03 Sep 2017
These excellent musicians are worthy of admiration, and they have paid so
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