The bay beach parks - Fun and glamour of Huandao Road in Xiamen

Updated: 2008-12-22
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Xiada Beach is one of many beaches along Huandao Road. However, due to its

location, it is the most popular among the Xiada students and visitors. In Summer,

the beach is usually crowded with bathers, swimmers and sun seekers.


On the sunny winter days, Xiamen University section of Xiamen famous Huandao Road has sprung to life. This is especially so on the weekend. Here is where Xiamen most popular beaches and Xiamen’s best leisure spots can be found.


Apart from swimming and sun bathing during the summer days, and the popular spot for jogging and bike riding during the winter months, roller skating and skate boarding have added to the more recent phenomenon.


Huandao Road has the perfect setting for all these. The perfectly paved pavements, bitumen roads, cycle ways and jogging tracks, all  running along the coast beside the well cleaned beaches and seaside sceneries. All along the way, there are shops, stores you can stop for refreshment.


If you get hot, you can strip to your swimwear and go for a cool off dip. This 30 kilometer long road framing the sea from Xiamen University to Wuyuan Bay is the most scenic roads in Xiamen. The entire distance which is laced by many Xiamen best beaches, could take you uninterruptedly to Wuyuan Bay, which is another renowned and enhanced bay for these outdoor sports.


The spots here are dotted with some of the city best bronze statues, some 99 of them. Many of these bronze statues are figures of marathon runners. Along this road, it is where the China most famous marathon tracks lie.


Xiamen International Exhibitions and Conference Centre, Olympics Museum, Olympics Tennis Courts, 5 stars hotels, Marinas, Wuyuan Bay, Wutong Port and Xiamen International Airport are all along the round-the-bay road. 


Seaview Resort Xiamen is the premium 5 star hotel along Huandao Road, a night

of exclusive villa accomodation will set you back 80,000rmb. However, they have single room

accomodation which is within reach of most people, at merely over a thounsand rmb.


It is safe to skate, cycle and jog. The traffic is thin after you have passed the Xiamen International Exhibitions and Conference Centre.


The newly designed Wuyuan Bay is another dazzling pearl on the Round-the-Island Road. Though not as packed as Xiada area, this spot, however is more glamorous and have more to offer in term of sceneries and leisure.


A number of appealing pictures form new scenic sights of Wuyuan Bay, such as the myriad twinkling lights of a seaside city, beaches, fishing spots, sailing boats, fishermen landings, evening songs by fishermen, unique customs of She ethnic group, reflections of upturned eaves on water and so on.




There are 5 bridges at Wuyuan Bay


The most romantic highlight of Wuyuan Bay is not its Marina or any other venue or parks, but its 5 bridges. According to the design concept of the "bright moon rising from sea level" of the Wuyuan Bridge, four arch bridges with their own unique names have been built on Wuyuan Bay to present a magnificent scene of five arch bridges standing along the entire bay. From a far the bridges almost look like being set side by side. 2 of the 5 bridges are terraced with steps and meant for pedestrians only. Here, family, couple, friends or loner can stroll or spend a lazy day here fishing.


Along the way you can see a view of the sea, beach, pavement, grass, trees, sculpture, which form a beautiful water front corridor.


Bring your push bike, skate board or roller skate. Spend the day at Huandao Lu along Xiada area or Wuyuan Bay area.


You can go there by taxi, bicycle, or by public bus 17, 29, 47, 805 and the tour bus B.


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