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Cross-Strait Folk Culture Festival

Updated: 2007-08-22
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The annual Cross-Strait Folk Culture Festival boasts splendid performance and shows, including Fujian and Taiwan food Exhibition, Fresh Fruit Exhibition, Fashion Shows, Original Ecology Dance??etc.


Experts from both sides of the Strait gather to discuss the co-operation & development prospects in culture idea industry.


With cooking skill performance, Beer Spree Night, etc  and a number of catering enterprises from both Taiwan and the Mainland taking part in the past years' Folk Culture Festival, people could more intuitively experience the exchange and interaction by cross-strait food communities. 


The Cross-Strait Folk Art Festival which is celebrated from 21st to 24th September in Xiamen, is sponsored by Chinese Culrural Friendship Association, Xiamen Municipal Government and Fujian provincial Department of Culture. Artist, exucators and experts from across the Taiwan Strait will join together to share a commom bond of interest in folk art.
The festival aims to advocate the discovery, study, preservation and exhibition of folk art, folk artists and folk art environments and to promote the communication between artists from taiwan and mainland.
The four-day event will present vatious performances at Xiamen Culture and Art Center, such as Gezai Opea, Gaojia Opera, glove puppet show, Dazui Drum show, and folk singing and dancing. In addition, six seminars on folk arts, exhibition and square shows of folk handicrafts will be held.
SOURCE: Fujian Tourism
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