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Use your Buddy card at Haiwan Park WOX Halloween party

Updated: 2012-09-13
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WOX Buddy Card valid until 2016. Click the picture to get the list of the discounters.
The darkest night in the most frightening day of the year is approaching. For the past few years WOX has helped everyone celebrate this festive occasion by hosting a Halloween party in Haiwan Park.
This year's celebration will be on Friday, the 26th October. Each year WOX has sponsored a Halloween costume contest to sort out the most traditional, most hilarious, scariest, sexist, and most original costume among Xiamen's truly creative partygoers. 

Larger party venue will be created this year, covering Havana Latin Restaurant, J.J. Bar & Grill and the fountain area between the two bars. The party will start in the early evening and continue through to the early morning hours, so plan on arriving early and staying late. 

There will be lucky drawings throughout the night and special drawings will be held for WOX card holders. If you already hold a WOX Buddy Card, you can get your first drink free. If you buy a WOX Buddy Card from now before the party then you can get two free drinks. Meanwhile, you will enjoy "buy one get one free" discount for some drink items at the party with your WOX Buddy Card.
If you haven't got your WOX card, you may want to contact WOX agents and WOX staff listed below to get a WOX card which offers valuable discounts at many businesses around Xiamen.
Contact our special representatives to buy a buddy card:
Celine: celine2602000@yahoo.com.cn 13959239860 (Marco Polo area)
Lara: 18259472284 (Xiada area)
Shimea: shimea_tiu@yahoo.com  15959228561 (Xiada area)
Maggie: maggerz12@gmail.com  15659452862  (Xiada area)
aidan.murchland@gmail.com 18650136946 (Xiada area)
423834403@qq.com 15060739248 (He Xiang Xi area)
rsl.yee@gmail.com 15160025477 (Wen zao area)
Rita (Appletravel): susan@appletravel.cn 15980849945 (Marco Polo area)
Don't miss out this opportunity to howl at the moon and become someone's worst nightmare!
Stay tuned for more gory details and surprises!
The party will start at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, 26th October and last to the early hours of the 27th.

Havana Latin Restaurant, J.J. Bar & Grill and the fountain area between the two bars in Haiwan Park

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