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WOX's Double Party Bashes to kick start Christmas 07 & NY 08

Updated: 2007-12-15
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It is that time of the year again, the Christmas is here. Businesses, works and the busy bees are slowing down to enter into the festive mood.


If you don’t celebrate, you will feel like you never have the festive mood and highlight of the year, it is as if you have not lived the year. And for some, if you don’t get drunk at least this time of the year, you would have felt like you have never lived and cut loose for the year.




At WOX community, WOX Team is bringing you the biggest boozing event of the year. Mix, drink and be merry, with all the friends you have met for the year at WOX community, this is what Christmas is about in Xiamen and for WOX buddies and friends.


To celebrate the beginning of the 2007 Festive Season, WOX Team has organized 2 venues on 21st December 2007, starting at 9.00pm.


WOX Team is bringing together all the regular WOX buddies, WOX Xiada buddies and WOX Jimei Uni buddies, they will be first at Bar Blanc and then later at KK Disco Club..





As for the WOX Uni buddies, It's the last school day for this year's term. For all the studying, reading, research and endless exams you've been through, the WOX Team is treating you to a Christmas university bash.


All the university buddies from Xiada and Jimei can party the night away without having to think about school the day after. It's finally your night to mingle with the other local and expat buddies.






At Bar Blanc


All WOX buddies and friends are invited.


Party starts here at 9.00pm.


Get your first drink for free and half-price on all beers and soft drinks the whole night thru. Other mixed alcoholic drinks have 10% discount.


Bar Blanc will have a life band, special lighting, allocated dance floor to let you dance through the night.


It's definitely a treat for the buddies because the party doesn't end at Bar Blanc.


At K.K


Party starts here at 12midnight


The party raves on at KK Bar. Free whiskey awaits the buddies who decide to stick it out with hard partying at KK's Bar 2. Tommy, a WOX buddy has promised free whiskey whole night through for WOX buddies.


Be there on time or early as KK capacity is limited, or you may have to queue up to gain entry.



Words of encouragement





So mark your calendars and save next week's Friday night not for a late night assignment but for a Christmas bash you'll never forget


Be there to wind down 2007 and forget the downs (drown with alcohol) and cheers (dance the night away) for the ups and warm up to welcome Christmas and the brand new year of 2008





As a WOX community member, there are many ways you can get free drink vouchers: -

1) If you are at Xiada vacinity, call Danee on 8793920 to arrange your free drink vouchers for yourself and your guests. Your guests must have a WOX id to receive the free drink vouchers.

2) If you are in Jimei University vacinity, call Tammi on 13656025350 for free drink vouchers for yourself and your guests. Again, your guests must have a WOX id to receive the free drink vouchers.

3) Send us an email on sales@whatsonxiamen.com to place your free drink vouchers.

4) Call at Apple Travel Shop (ask for Susan) at 18-20 Guanren Road (behind Marco Polo Hotel) to get the free drink vouchers. If you are lost, call 505 3122 for direction.

See you at Bar Blanc fromm 9.00pm and KK after mid night. Invite your friends, Bar Blanc can hold minimum 500 people



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