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Mar-Aug value-added hotel room packages at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

Updated: 2013-03-23
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Hotel Nikko Xiamen
The Hotel Nikko Xiamen is an up-and-coming five-star hotel in Xiamen, which opened in September 2011. It is the 10th luxury hotel of Nikko Hotels International in Greater China, and the first hotel in Fujian managed and operated by the Japanese hotel management company.
With "triple satisfaction" in mind - guest satisfaction, owner satisfaction and staff satisfaction - the hotel treats every customer as a king or queen. To that end, it is rolling out 3 fantastic hotel room packages for its guests.
Deluxe Room in the hotel
* RMB 1388 package
      1) 2 consecutive nights’ stay a Deluxe Room
2) 2 complimentary tickets for Trithorn Hotspring Resort
* RMB 1208 package
1) 2 nights’ stay in the hotel’s Deluxe Room in a row
2) “Buy One Get One Free” voucher for the All Day Dining Café Serena, 15% discount at Japanese Restaurant Benkay
3) Free access to fitness center and swimming pool
Period: 15th March-31st August, 2013
* RMB 800 package
1) One night’s stay in a Deluxe Room
2) 2 complimentary breakfasts and 2 complimentary dinners
Period: 15th March-30th April, 2013
Consulting phone: 0592-5020888
SOURCE: WOX & Hotel Nikko Xiamen
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