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4th Nanyang Culture Festival to open in Xiamen on March 29

Updated: 2014-02-19
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The opening ceremony for the 3rd Nanyang Culture Festival which was held in 2012.
The festival is a biennial event, which is jointly hosted by Foreign Affairs Department of Xiamen and the Philippine, Singapore and Thai Consulate General in Xiamen.
All ASEAN countries, including Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippine and Indonesia will attend this year’s cultural event, bringing their unique cultural products and gourmet food to Xiamen during the weeklong event on Xiamen Zhongshan Road.
The First Nanyang Seminar will be held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN.
According to Xiamen’s Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the ASEAN has overtaken the US to become Xiamen’s No.1 trade partner in 2013, with foreign trade between the two parties increasing by 16.6% to 12.06 billion US dollars.
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