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Children of the stars: Fund raising for autistic kids held in Haicang

Updated: 2014-11-25
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Charitable “Fun Day” event which saw participation of families with autistic children and families with normal children was held in a farmhouse resort in Haicang District on November 22nd.
Last Saturday, a charitable “Fun Day” event, which saw participation of families with autistic children and families with children not affected by autism, was held in a farmhouse resort near Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park in Haicang District.

The charity event was jointly held by the Women and Children’s Aid Fund of the China Women’s Development Foundation and Xiamen IN1, a local charity organization. 
Mr. Guo Hailiang (man without a hat), administrative committee director of Women and Children’s Aid Fun, and Xiamen IN1 charity organization.
Mr. Guo made a speech for the event.

A total of 100,000 yuan was donated by the Xiamen IN1 organization to help the families of children affected by autism.

A series of interesting activities were arranged to create a fun day for all the children and their family members, including making dumplings, baking sweet potatoes, visiting and feeding animals, egg hunting, peanut harvesting and goldfish scooping.

According to Mr. Guo Hailiang, administrative committee director of the Women and Children’s Aid Fund, there are about 2,000 children who have been diagnosed with autism in Xiamen, and one fifth of them are males.

Xiamen is China’s first pilot city for autism awareness, and the related supporting aid for the families with autistic children has been greatly improved since 2012, Mr. Guo added.

Mr. Wu Jiantong, the father of a child with autism, said he and his wife were worried to face the reality of their son’s autism, but things are getting better after they decided to face it bravely and got help from other families and charity organizations.
Mr. Wu Jiantong and his wife and his son, who was diagnosed with autism.

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Children with autism are widely referred to as “children from stars” by the public.
More photos about the charity event:

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