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All Xiamen Expatriates (AXE) holds charity donation in CBD cafe

Updated: 2015-02-14
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On Friday afternoon 13th February, a heartwarming donation was held at CBD café in Guanren Community, which aimed to help needy children in a private-run boarding school in Anhui Province. The school provides free boarding and meals for its students.

Fale Master, a Chinese Mother Teresa who devotes herself in helping others, received the donation on behalf of Huaibei Hang Huai School (淮北杭淮学校), which extended its gratitude to the AXE with a certificate of Honorary Ambassador.
The participators included members of AXE and teachers and councillor from Xiamen International School (XIS) who donated cash and some lovely gifts during this love-filled donation ceremony. Two children of Alison who is a lecturer from Xiamen University donated 100 yuan each from their pocket money.
Thousands of RMB were raised for a good course. This was exactly what Xiamen expats and their organizations were doing at Cafe CBD yesterday afternoon. The president of AXE, Chantel and the AXE ladies, Tim and Nancy from Xiamen International School, Alison from XIADA, the president of Guanren Business Community, Barry were present to donate and/or witness the occasion. The charity event got a further boost with the news coverage from Xiamen Satellite TV.
Danilo, the president of Xiamen International Football Club donated even during his absence and no doubt showed his care for those poverty stricken children.

According to Fale Master, the private-run school, which has about 300 students, is funded by a female entrepreneur who is facing financial difficulties and is seeking help from philanthropists to help the needy children who are mostly left-behind children and in keen need for care.
Letters written by the needy children, who received donations from their respective sponsors, were shown. Fale Master has visited the children on behalf of her charity, and the kids’ schooling and having basic food on the table at the school are her highest priorities.

Fale Master said she is working on a charity scheme for children in the private-run school in Anhui Province and on one-to-one help for needy children in a poverty-stricken village in Guizhou Province.

Barry, owner of the CBD café and president of the Guanren Merchant Association, said he plans to arrange more charity events for Master Fale Charity and he hopes to get support from the Guanren business community.

About AXE

All Xiamen Expatriates (AXE) began life as a small and informal group of foreigners who gathered together to share local knowledge and commiserate over shared experiences as expats in Xiamen. The first meetings were over coffee in 1992 – then it was known as something different.

The group morphed into the International Women's Association of Xiamen (IWAX) in 1995, however it still served as an informal gathering point for foreigners finding themselves in Xiamen. On May 1st, 1999 IWAX became what is today known as AXE - a group that strives to be a common contact point for any and all foreigners in Xiamen.


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Penny_XM commented on 26 Feb 2016
well, It's a heartwarming thing.

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