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Free ferry boat tickets to Gulangyu Cup for WOXers this Saturday

Updated: 2017-06-12
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8:45 a.m. - 5 p.m., June 17th, 2017 (this Saturday)

Gulangyu People's Stadium

There is an exciting event to cheer you up in this coming weekend.

The 2017 Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament, an annual football carnival on Xiamen’s scenic and historic island, is scheduled to be staged at the century-old Gulangyu People’s Stadium again.

This year, the highly anticipated non-profit 7-a-side football tournament will see participation of 20 teams including 4 women teams.
16 men's teams

    HK Force UTD  香港科联足球队
    Beijing Barbarians FC  北京野蛮人足球俱乐部
    Kunming Turtle 昆明海龟足球队
    Tsingtao United FC 青岛联合足球俱乐部
    Shanghai FCU 上海联合利华足球俱乐部
    Dongguan Murrays FC 东莞慕里足球俱乐部
    Phoenix Knights FC 凤凰骑士足球俱乐部
    Shenzhen Lions FC 深圳雄狮足球俱乐部
    Quanzhou Spartacus FC 泉州斯巴达克斯足球俱乐部
    Hangzhou South Bank FC 杭州南岸足球俱乐部
    Gulangyu Yinghua FC 鼓浪屿英华队
    Xiamen Bobo FC 厦门Bobo足球俱乐部
    XMIFC A 厦门国际足球俱乐部队 A队
    XMIFC B 厦门国际足球俱乐部 B队
    XMIFC Legends 厦门传奇国际足球俱乐部
    My Place FC 我的地盘足球俱乐部

Four women's teams
    Shenghui International FC – W 生辉国际女子足球俱乐部
    Shanghai Mint FC – W 上海薄荷女子足球俱乐部
    Qingdao FC – W 青岛女子足球俱乐部
    XMIFC – W 厦门国际女子足球俱乐部

And good news for WOX members (WeChat or website followers) as you can get free ferry ticket and drink voucher for this football carnival by claiming them at Apple Travel.

Contact Apple Travel:
Address: Shop 18-20,Guanren Rd (behind the Marco Polo Hotel) Xiamen, Fujian Province, China 361006
Reservations: (86-592)-5053122
Fax: (86-592)-5052948
Email: consultant@appletravel.cn
Website: www.appletravel.cn
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 09:00-18:00

Scan the QR code to keep in touch with Apple Travel and talk directly on WeChat.

Benefits for WOX members:
Including a complimentary ferry ticket and a drink voucher.
(Each member is entitled to claim a complimentary ferry ticket and a drink voucher at most.)

Where to get onboard?
WOX members with the special ferry ticket obtained from Apple Travel can get on the ferry boats from No.1 Hall at the Lundu Ferry Terminal.
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