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Swan Lake by Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Updated: 2017-07-05
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When: 7:30 p.m., November 1st, 2017
Where: Banlam Grand Theater/闽南大戏院
Tickets: RMB 1,080/880/680/480/280/180/80
Ticket package for two: RMB 1,500 (RMB 880*2), RMB 1,200 (RMB 680*2)
Ticket package for three: RMB 2,200 (RMB 880*3), RMB 1,800 (RMB 680*3)
Duration: 120 mins, with intermission of 20 mins
Ticketing hotline: 400-880-2281

For over a century, "Swan Lake" — the classic ballet — has enjoyed legendary popularity among the world's prominent theaters. Hardly a ballet company exists whose repertoire does not include a production of "Swan Lake,” and nearly every ballerina has dreamed of performing the role of the stunning swan Odette.

With history of nearly 100 years, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre is billed as a shining pearl among the Baltic region. The ballet group’s extraordinary professionalism and artistic skills are highly acclaimed by worldwide countries. 

Its repertory works include Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Anna Karenina and other traditional ballets. It has more than 10 performances monthly during the peak season, and performed in many countries.

"Swan Lake' was the first piece that was put on stage back in 1927, with five more classical interpretations produced subsequently. And this time around, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre will bring the classic ballet to Xiamen in November this year.

Scene 1: Prince Siegfried holds a party to celebrate his coming-of-age with his friends.
Scene 2: Siegfried appears. Having noticed a swan, he raises his crossbow, but lowers it abruptly when the noble bird turns into a beautiful maiden. She is Odette, the Queen of Swans.

Scene 3: A ball at the Castle. Odile, the daughter of magician Rothbart, cheated Prince Siegfried by disguising herself as Odette.
Scene 4: The Lakeside. Love miracle of Prince Siegfried and Odette, the Queen of Swans.
Banlam Grand Theater

Address:  87 Zhan Hong Road, northen area of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Siming District, Xiamen/厦门市思明区会展北片区展鸿路87号
Tel: 400-880-2281
Website: http://www.mndxy.org/
WeChat ID: BGT_mdyph
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DanWilliam21 commented on 26 Jul 2017
I actually love this but don't have chances to study

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