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Register 2018 C&D Xiamen Marathon now, deadline's on Sept. 22

Updated: 2017-09-15
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The Xiamen International Marathon was officially renamed the Xiamen Marathon. The annual event will be held on January 7th, 2018.

Facts about C&D Xiamen Marathon 2018:
Number of participants: Up to 30,000
Time: 7:30 a.m. on January 7th, 2018
Starting and ending point: Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center

Competition category:
> Men’s Individual Race
> Women’s Individual Race
> Cross-Strait City Marathon Invitational Tournament

> This will be a full marathon-exclusive event.
> Registration is all online! No more onsite registration!
> No more group registration
> The event accepts ONLY pre-registration. The participants will be decided by drawing lots after the number exceeds 30,000.
Registration deadline:
12 noon on September 22nd, 2017

Registration fee:
> Chinese citizens (including participants from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan): RMB 120/person
> Foreign participants: US$ 50/person

> Born before December 31st, 1998 (20 years old or older)
> Sound health condition

How to apply for the event?
Official Website:
* Note: Applicants shall submit their applications and pay the registration fee online, and then wait for final confirmation from the organizing committee. If you fail to secure a position in the C&D Xiamen Marathon 2018, you will get a full refund.

Full Marathon (42.195 km)
Route: Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (starting point) – Huizhan Road/会展路- Huizhan Nan Road/会展南路-Huandao Nan Road/环岛南路-Yanwu Bridge/演武大桥-Lujiang Avenue/鹭江道-Shiqiao Center/市桥中心 (turning point)-Lujiang Avenue/鹭江道-Yanwu Bridge/演武大桥-Huandao Nan Road/环岛南路-Huandao Dong Road/环岛东路 (eastward)-Huandao Road near Guanyinshan/环岛路观音山附近-Huandao Dong Road/环岛东路 (westward)-Huizhan Nan Road/会展南路-Huizhan Road/会展路-Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (ending point)

Follow us for the latest information about the C&D Xiamen Marathon 2018:
Official WeChat ID: xiamenmls

Result of the 2017 Xiamen International Marathon:
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