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Opera 'LA TRAVIATA' at Banlam Grand Theater Dec. 29 & 31, 2017

Updated: 2017-12-19
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When: 7:30 p.m., December 29th and 31st, 2017
Where: Banlam Grand Theater/闽南大戏院
Tickets: RMB 1,680 / 1,280 / 880 / 680 / 580 / 380 / 180 / 80
Ticket package for two: RMB 2,100 (two tickets, original value RMB 1,280 each), RMB 1,000 (two tickets, original value RMB 580 each)

Facts about the opera:

>  Created by the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
>  Libretto: Francesco Maria Piave
>  Music: Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi
>  Sets: Franco Zeffirelli
>  Light Designer: Agostino Angelini
>  Costumes: Raimonda Gaetani
>  Director: Franco Zeffirelli
>  Assistant Director: Stefano Trespidi
>  Conductor: Alberto Veronesi
>  Chorus Master: Francesco Costa

Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti
Coro Lirico Siciliano
Kindly reminder: The performance will last 165 minutes in total, with two 20-minute intermissions.


Opera La Traviata portrays a famous socialite named Violetta Valery who suffers from multiple-personality disorder. Valery is a part of Paris's Vanity Fair during the first half of the 19th century. Valery is becoming increasingly popular for her outstanding talent and extravagant lifestyle. Although she doesn't believe in long-term love, after meeting the earnestly affectionate Alfredo Germont, she leaves the sensualist world of the Vanity Fair to be with him in the countryside.

But Germont's father, without the permission of his son, seeks out his son's lover and to accost her and tell her that she is not worthy of Germont because of her past life, and adds that their romance has already put at risk the engagement of Germont's sister. He admonishes Violetta Valery not to ruin the life of an innocent and virtuous girl. To save the honorable reputation of Germont's family, Valery abandons her lover and returns to her former life in Paris.  

Without knowing the truth or learning about Valery's motivations, Germont goes to Paris and humiliates Valery in public. The resentment and shame Valery feels from that experience worsens her tuberculoses beyond recovery. As she lies on her death bed, Germont's father tells his son the truth, and Germont races to Violetta Valery's side. But it is too late to help her; she dies in his arms like a withered camellia flower falling from a branch.
(Photos by the courtesy of Beijing Qudong Culture Media Co., Ltd, and Mr. Duan Chao)

The salon in Violetta's house

Violetta Valéry, a famed courtesan, throws a lavish party at her Paris salon to celebrate her recovery from an illness.

Gastone, a viscount, has brought with him a friend, Alfredo Germont, a young bourgeois from a provincial family who has long adored Violetta from afar. While walking to the salon, Gastone tells Violetta that Alfredo loves her, and that while she was ill, he came to her house every day. Alfredo joins them, admitting the truth of Gastone's remarks.

Baron Douphol, Violetta's current lover, waits nearby to escort her to the salon; once there, the Baron is asked to give a toast, but refuses, and the crowd turns to Alfredo, who agrees to sing a brindisi – a drinking song.

From the next room, the sound of the orchestra is heard and the guests move there to dance. After a series of severe coughs and almost fainting, Violetta begins to feel dizzy and asks her guests to go ahead and to leave her to rest until she recovers. While the guests dance in the next room, Violetta looks at her pale face in her mirror. Alfredo enters and expresses his concern for her fragile health, later declaring his love for her. At first, she rejects him because his love means nothing to her, but there is something about Alfredo that touches her heart. He is about to leave when she gives him a flower, telling him to return it when it has wilted, which will be the very next day.

After the guests leave, Violetta wonders if Alfredo could actually be the one for her. But she concludes that she needs freedom to live her life. From off stage, Alfredo's voice is heard singing about love as he walks down the street.
(Photo by the courtesy of Beijing Qudong Culture Media Co., Ltd, and Mr. Duan Chao)

Scene 1: Violetta's country house outside Paris

Three months later, Alfredo and Violetta are living together in a peaceful country house outside Paris. Violetta has fallen in love with Alfredo and she has completely abandoned her former life. Alfredo sings of their happy life together. Annina, the maid, arrives from Paris, and, when questioned by Alfredo, tells him that she went there to sell the horses, carriages and everything owned by Violetta to support their country lifestyle.
Alfredo is shocked to learn this and leaves for Paris immediately to settle matters himself. Violetta returns home and receives an invitation from her friend, Flora, to a party in Paris that evening. Alfredo's father, Giorgio Germont, is announced and demands that she break off her relationship with his son for the sake of his family. He reveals that Violetta's relationship with Alfredo has threatened his daughter's engagement because of Violetta's reputation.
Meanwhile, he reluctantly becomes impressed by Violetta's nobility, something which he did not expect from a courtesan. She responds that she cannot end the relationship because she loves him so much, but Giorgio pleads with her for the sake of his family. With growing remorse, she finally agrees and says goodbye to Giorgio. In a gesture of gratitude for her kindness and sacrifice, Giorgio kisses her forehead before leaving her weeping alone.
Violetta gives a note to Annina to send to Flora accepting the party invitation and, as she is writing a farewell letter to Alfredo, he enters. She can barely control her sadness and tears; she tells him repeatedly of her unconditional love. Before rushing out and setting off for Paris, she hands the farewell letter to her servant to give to Alfredo. Soon, the servant brings the letter to Alfredo and, as soon as he has read it, Giorgio returns and attempts to comfort his son, reminding him of his family in Provence. Alfredo suspects that the Baron is behind his separation with Violetta, and the party invitation, which he finds on the desk, strengthens his suspicions. He decides to confront Violetta at the party. Giorgio tries to stop Alfredo, but he rushes out.
(Photos by the courtesy of Beijing Qudong Culture Media Co., Ltd, and Mr. Duan Chao)

Scene 2: Party at Flora's house

At the party, the Marquis tells Flora that Violetta and Alfredo have separated, much to the amazement of everyone who had previously seen the happy couple. She calls for the entertainers to perform for the guests. Gastone and his friends join the matadors and sing.
Violetta arrives with Baron Douphol. They see Alfredo at the gambling table. When he sees them, Alfredo loudly proclaims that he will take Violetta home with him. Feeling annoyed, the Baron goes to the gambling table and joins him in a game. As they bet, Alfredo wins some large sums until Flora announces that supper is ready. Alfredo leaves with handfuls of money.
As everyone is leaving the room, Violetta asks Alfredo to see her. Fearing that the Baron's anger will lead him to challenge Alfredo to a duel, she gently asks Alfredo to leave. Alfredo misunderstands her apprehension and demands that she admit that she loves the Baron. In grief, she makes that admission and, furiously, Alfredo calls the guests to witness what he has to say. He humiliates and denounces Violetta in front of the guests and then throws his winnings at her feet in payment for her services. She faints onto the floor. The guests reprimand Alfredo: Di donne ignobile insultatore, di qua allontanati, ne desti orror!

In search of his son, Giorgio enters the hall and, knowing the real significance of the scene, denounces his son's behavior. Flora and the ladies attempt to persuade Violetta to leave the dining room, but Violetta turns to Alfredo: Alfredo, Alfredo, di questo core non puoi comprendere tutto l'amore... — “Alfredo, Alfredo, you can't understand all the love in this heart...".
(Photos by the courtesy of Beijing Qudong Culture Media Co., Ltd, and Mr. Duan Chao)

Violetta's bedroom

Dr. Grenvil tells Annina that Violetta will not live long as her tuberculosis has worsened. Alone in her room, Violetta reads a letter from Alfredo's father telling her that the Baron was only wounded in his duel with Alfredo; that he has informed Alfredo of the sacrifice she has made for him and his sister; and that he is sending his son to see her as quickly as possible to ask for her forgiveness. But Violetta senses it is too late.

Annina rushes in the room to tell Violetta of Alfredo's arrival. The lovers are reunited and Alfredo suggests that they leave Paris.

But it is too late: she knows her time is up. Alfredo's father enters, regretting what he has done. After singing a duet with Alfredo, Violetta suddenly revives, exclaiming that the pain and discomfort have left her. A moment later, she dies in Alfredo's arms.


Violetta Valery  Norah Amsellem
Alfredo Germont  Alessandro Liberatore
Giorgio Germont  Carlos Almaguer
Flora Bervoix  Nikolina Janevska
Annina  Susanna La Fiura
Gastone  Federico Parisi
Barone Douphol  Giovanni Luca Failla   
Marchese d'Obigny  Alberto Munafò
Dottore Grenvil  Riccardo Bosco (Cast A)
Dottore Grenvil  Marco Tinnirello (Cast B)
Domestico di Flora  Carmelo Maucieri
Commissionario  Daniele Cannavò

Ticketing hotline: 400-880-2281

Banlam Grand Theater

Address:  87 Zhan Hong Road, northen area of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Siming District, Xiamen/厦门市思明区会展北片区展鸿路87号
Tel: 400-880-2281
Website: http://www.mndxy.org/
WeChat ID: BGT_mdyph
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