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Fr. United States
Topic: Testing...
IT development testing.....
28 Nov 2015
Fr. United States
28 Nov 2015

Fr. United States
Like that you chose the northern lights for all of the pictures. Consistency is key.
28 Nov 2015

Fr. United States
This is my favorite one.
28 Nov 2015

replied by W00ki33 on 23:47:43 28 Nov
I like the second one in the first test a bit more. The inclusion of the sunset was very appealing. *sips imaginary wine glass*
replied by Sagan on 01:52:52 29 Nov
Yes, yes. That one is very cool. It certainly caught my eye first.

Once, I saw these from my window seat flying at night from Europe to the US. Dazzling!
Fr. Philippines
I like the 5th and 6th photo.
04 Dec 2015

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