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Fr. China
Topic: May the 4th be with you
Any star war fans?
04 May 2016
Fr. United States
When the original Stars Wars movie came out, I was like 14 years old. I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker - travelling to far way strange places for adventure. My dream came true! Ukraine, Slovakia, Eastern and Western Europe, Tijuana, Hong Kong, etc., etc. And what bar in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok doesn't look and feel remotely like the cantina scene in Star Wars?
04 May 2016

replied by W00ki33 on 18:33:15 06 May
You still haven't been in space, used a lightsaber, gotten your hand cut off by your dad, used the force, or snuggled a wookiee
replied by Sagan on 10:01:52 07 May
lol, I took the easy way on my adventures, preferring local spirits, female aliens, and song along the way.
Fr. Philippines
..and also with you
"lift up your hearts"
we lift them up to the 4th
04 May 2016

replied by Sagan on 12:28:57 04 May
I remember saying that as a kid attending Catholic Mass.
replied by W00ki33 on 14:08:33 04 May
I remember that during Jedi mass, then Yoda made me drink from their goblet...and after that I blacked out, woke up without my clothes on in Yoda's sex dungeon.
Fr. United States
Given my name, of course I'm a star wars fan! May the 4th be with you!
04 May 2016

Fr. China
forever 20years old.May the 4th with you!
04 May 2016

replied by W00ki33 on 05:55:33 05 May
I think you didn't quite catch the point. It's the Star Wars holiday. But if it's your birthday, happy birthday!
replied by Sagan on 18:34:52 05 May
Oh, I thought that was supposed to be a young Princess Leia doing her Yoda.
replied by mapleleef on 05:38:53 06 May
BAHAHAHA "Doing her 'yoda'" +1!
Fr. United States

They made the same joke you did, freebird!
12 May 2016

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