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Fr. United States
Topic: All too common.
The arrogance and belligerence of the current party is scary. It's becoming an all too common story.

People disappearing from HK and hotel rooms in SE Asia,only to reappear kissing the hands of the takers. Scary.

Times have been changing!!!
15 Jun 2016
Fr. United States
Breaking news in HK today.......

Scary that this can happen with impunity and increasing regularity.
17 Jun 2016

Fr. United States
Hey, has anyone seen RedCynic lately? It's like he just disappeared or something.
26 Jun 2016

Fr. Canada
My philosophy is vey simple. Keep a low profile. Don't agitate when you know the powers-to-be do not like it. If you don't like what you see and cannot do anything about it, move on and find a greener pasture. That is my humble advice to the current crop of Hong Kong activists. Millions of your elders have gone through similar situations before you and have voted with their feet because they cannot vote with their hands, even when the colony was under British Rule. Many of them are now happilly settled down in several Southeast Asian countries and elsewhere. No need to upset the apple cart. Who do you think you all are anyway? You are all just specs of dust in this universe, nothing else. Don't try to be heroes unless you want to move to the next dimension sooner than later.
09 Jul 2016

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