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Fr. China
Topic: Why western media has so much prejuice about China?
I just browsed ramdomly on BBC news, and found almost everything they report about China is bad. There's even an article satirising about Chinese pick up a good watermelons by knocking at the watermelons. What's wrong with the westerner media? I have been pratising this methond since I was a Child, and it indeed works, and it does not need to knock hard. Dont know how should this become a matter.
01 Jul 2016
Fr. Switzerland
Most of western media are tightly controlled and their main task is to glorify the west. If you only read western news papers you will think that the West is the paradise and all other countries are bad. They want to proof that China and Russia are hell on earth, so they will take whatever they can find an make a negative report on it.
I'm from the West and every day when I read the newspapers I find many lies in them.... it's sad that most people actually trust what written in them, even non-westerners!
01 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
I've seen tons of Americans and westerners knock on watermelons. I do it too. It works. What is prejuice? Is that what you get when you open a watermelon too early and it's unripe juice?
02 Jul 2016

replied by freebird on 16:33:42 20 Jul
the little drops of juice that comes out before actual juicing
Fr. Australia
"Americans and westerners".....haha!!
03 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
Most news about anything from anywhere is negative. It sells.

If it makes you feel any better here are some negative things about the USA you can find in any news source:

Guns, guns and more guns being used to kill each other by the thousands every year!

Terrible public schools!

Presidential candidates that most of us don't like!

A very high rate of poverty for a developed country!




Need I go on?
04 Jul 2016

replied by W00ki33 on 19:38:33 04 Jul
Fr. Philippines
There are news writers or bloggers that are paid to write negative things about other countries and by doing so they gain popularity. You don't need to take these news too seriously.

PS: We also knock watermelons in our country. :)
06 Jul 2016

Fr. Canada
The truth of the matter is, the mainstream media in America are under the direct control and strong infleunce and "guidance" of the U.S. Government. Most major news items involving foreign governments that are disseminated throught the various news services and newswires are copied by all the news chennels and newspapers throughout the country as well as abroad from the information provided by these news services and newswires. And, the big bosses of these news services and newswires area all members of the CFR (oe Council of Foreign Relations) that directs American foreign policies. When the U.S. Government "targets" another country they will disseminate propaganda and negative information as well as lies about the targeted country through the CFR-controlled media services as much and as often as necessary to paint a bad picture or image of the target country. I think many other countries do the same thing as well, one way or another. The lesson of the day is DO NOT BELIEVE EVERY THING THAT YOU SEE OR READ IN THE MASS MEDIA. There is always more truth to the stories that are published that are intentionally hidden from the readers to influence their opinions.
06 Jul 2016

Fr. South Africa
Newspapers only have bad news in it. Why would you read it in the 1st place....?
06 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
Unlike Franki is suggesting above, there are those of us who choose to stay informed. But how do we know what to believe?

One thing we can consider is press freedom. How free are reporters to say or write what they want? So, we could go to a site like this to find out:

But "Reporters Without Borders" could be lying too. This is where your own life experience, education and judgement come in. Does it seem reasonable for them to claim places like North Korea and Syria have no press freedom? It does to me. But, again, we shouldn't necessarily trust just one source.

So, we could get our news from a variety of sources and compare their stories. Take news about mainland China, for example. We could read state run newspapers and compare them with what Chinese people are reporting in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Unfortunately, if you live in mainland China and don't have a VPN, then you are not allowed to read much of what Chinese people are reporting in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Hmmm, we wonder why.

Let's say we have a VPN or live somewhere with totally free access to the Internet and we want to know what's really going on in the Middle East. We could read a variety of media reports from Al Jazeera in Qatar to Haaretz in Israel, from the BBC to FOX, from the China Daily to Dabiq (the IS publication) and put together our own story of what really seems to be happening.

Just because the media is mostly negative doesn't mean it isn't helpful. Read on and keep an open, yet reasonably skeptical mind.
07 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
@Sagan Dude, did you really list Fox News AND Dabiq as accurate sources of information? I've gotten nothing but extreme right propaganda bullsh!t from Fox News and watched it warp the views of people in my country, and recognizing Dabiq as a legitimate news source is like recommending Hitler to fix the air conditioning in the Israeli Embassy(dangerous and stupid is my point with that analogy).

Personally, I read wikipedia, the Guardian, BBC, Yahoo,, some of the most informative and accurate stories I've read come from there), whatsonxiamen, and whatever links I can find that sound interesting.
07 Jul 2016

replied by Sagan on 23:22:13 07 Jul
No, I almost never read/watch FOX, and I only heard of Dabiq just last week. My point was that it is not a bad idea to read some radically opposing media along with the mainstream.

One thing that makes this easy is to use Google or Yahoo news pages because they randomly select a lot of different sources for you.
Fr. China
Hey mate. I was wondering where you found those negative BBC report? From a Chinese media? Since you are in China now, I assume so.
Listen up mate, I don't know about other medias, but I can assure you that BBC has no problem with China, they're professional brocaster.
I don't know what you mean by western media, CNN? Colombia TV? Carter TV? Why would they have problem with China ?

I suspect you picked up those bad news about China from Chinese media, because that's HOW THEY DRAW attention, that's how they encourage patriotism(or I would argue fanatically nationalism ).
04 Oct 2016

replied by OnceUponAYear on 07:49:25 04 Oct
I understand you love your country, as we all do. Nonetheless, love shouldn\'t be exclusive, learn to embrace the criticisms.
Ps: you shouldn\'t bother by political quarrels and nobody can earn everyone\'s favour
replied by Shagly on 12:50:25 14 Nov
BBC is the most biassed news media ever
Even worse then CNN

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