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Fr. China
Topic: Why western media has so much prejuice about China?
I just browsed ramdomly on BBC news, and found almost everything they report about China is bad. There's even an article satirising about Chinese pick up a good watermelons by knocking at the watermelons. What's wrong with the westerner media? I have been pratising this methond since I was a Child, and it indeed works, and it does not need to knock hard. Dont know how should this become a matter.
01 Jul 2016
Fr. Switzerland
Most of western media are tightly controlled and their main task is to glorify the west. If you only read western news papers you will think that the West is the paradise and all other countries are bad. They want to proof that China and Russia are hell on earth, so they will take whatever they can find an make a negative report on it.
I'm from the West and every day when I read the newspapers I find many lies in them.... it's sad that most people actually trust what written in them, even non-westerners!
01 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
I've seen tons of Americans and westerners knock on watermelons. I do it too. It works. What is prejuice? Is that what you get when you open a watermelon too early and it's unripe juice?
02 Jul 2016

replied by freebird on 16:33:42 20 Jul
the little drops of juice that comes out before actual juicing
Fr. Australia
"Americans and westerners".....haha!!
03 Jul 2016