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Fr. Canada
Topic: Another Day . . . Another Terrorist Attack in France This Time
If anyone gives my wife and me free return air tickets to Paris, France today or next week or next month or even next year, we would gratefully refuse the offer. That was in our minds when we read about the terrorist attack on a crowd that had been enjoying a fireworks display on France's July 14 national holiday.

The EU countries are the worst places to be visiting in recent months and years. This so-called union of European countries has proven to be a monumental failure in terms of border control and security control inside the various countries comprising the union.

I believe that by now people of the world should really appreciate the real reason why mature people all over the United Kingdom have voted overwhelmingly to exit the EU. The younger generation is simply too idealisitc and simple minded and thought only about being part of the EU for economic reasons. Border security and maintaining sovereignty are the most important thing for any country, and I hope the French people will wake up and follow the British people to exit the EU and gain back their sovereignty over their country and racial integrity of their motherland. The quicker they do it the better they will be.

Just compare London of 30 years ago and London today and tell me what has changed? When I go visit London all I see are Arabs, South Asians and Blacks all around me. White people are now in the minority and that's a bloody shame. London is in the U.K., not the Middle East or Africa or the Indian sub-continent! Even the new mayor of London now is a Muslim. I hope this does not ever happen in Canada or China.

Call me a bigot, if you will, but I seriously believe people should be sensible and take control of their own borders and country and not let this kind of stupid thing happen to their countries.
15 Jul 2016
Fr. Canada
Read this article about the Muslim maniac who use his big truck to murder 80+ innocent people in Nice, France.
16 Jul 2016

Fr. Australia
Sad day for France and the World! For the sake of humanity, may all the people of all races share prosperity and live in peace!

God bless! 菩萨慈悲
18 Jul 2016

Fr. Tunisia
the problem is not islam ! islam is a religion of peace miss interpreted by idiot poeple , and please stop calling them muslims they are simply terrorists ! and terrorism has no religion!!! the real problem is ignorance !!!
its really saad and heart braking and scary what's happening in the world this days
i wish it all stops and we live all in peace .
19 Jul 2016

Fr. United States
@Abirella28 The bigot racist who made those stupid comments above should be ignored. He and his aliases are full of hate, stupidity and arrogance, so you'll never change his mind.

Thanks to a Muslim, the great Zheng He, admiral of the vast "Treasure Fleet" of the 15th century, China prospered and made a huge impression on the world of its time. Ppan8888 apparently has never read of him.

However, I do not want to come across as a defender of Islam or any religion. Religion is the problem. Religious faith asks people to believe incredible things without proof. Religions always emphasize that faith without reason or proof is a virtue.

And therein lies the problem. Critical, skeptical thinking is discouraged, even forbidden. Only a strong faith matters to religious people. Christian KKK members really believed they were doing God's work. IS Muslims really believe in what they are doing for Islam.

Assuming you are a Muslim, you know the punishment for you if you were to announce that you changed your faith. Death. You would be killed by your fellow "peaceful" Muslims there in Tunisia.

Imperial Japanese believed they were killing to protect their god -Hirohito. American Christians dropped the A-Bomb on innocent Japanese civilians.
The problem is religion. Let it, and nationalism, go, and we will find much more peace in this world. Join us.
19 Jul 2016

Fr. Australia
EU is good thing for economic integration, but fail on multinational shared values.

Regardless of race, people of different value in life should not be put together in a living community, especially in big numbers.

For the immigrants to be fused into a mainstream society, they have to take time. The stuffs in pot melt down evenly, they have to take time.

The concept of salad bowl community doesn’t work. This is evidential in many countries, including UK and the EU communities.

20 Jul 2016

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