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Fr. United States
Topic: Beautiful Europe
I'm very much enjoying a long vacation in Central Europe this summer, mostly Vienna and Prague. 15 years ago or more one used to have to go through border controls with passports and visas ready to show as you tried to cross into each country. God help you if you were not white. Anyone of color, even native Europeans, were often harassed by border guards about their traveling.

Now within the EU most borders are gone and people from all over the world freely mix, do business, make contacts, make love and not war. Chinese and other Asians are all over the place. There are Turkish, Mexican, Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese and more restaurants everywhere. Jews have returned and feel safe. Africans are here. Today I helped a Muslim tourist and his family figure out how to buy mass transit tickets they needed - they were full of smiles and gratefulness.

And it's not so expensive, either. I've got a clean room with a shared, yet clean, bathroom for 20 USD per night. A nice (made in China) electric guitar which is selling for the equivalent of 500USD in Guangzhou, I got for 300 in Vienna.

Inclusive, free trading and free migrating, open, multi-cultural societies are the way of the future. Or you could join closed hermit kingdoms such as N. Korea if you like. You could close yourself off from other people like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson want.
15 Jul 2016
Fr. Canada
Enjoy your vacation, Sagan and may God bless you!
15 Jul 2016

Fr. Canada
But Europe is so peaceful and beautiful, Sagan. What happened? Why is there so many innocent people murdered in Nice?
16 Jul 2016

replied by Sagan on 21:33:46 16 Jul
70-odd years ago, the entire continent was engulfed in terror and scores of millions killed. Despite the recent cowardly Islamist attacks, today's Europe remains the most beautiful place on Earth for people to live.
Fr. Australia
For this century, Europe especially western Europe is the model of opulence for other continents to emulate.

Go Europe!
18 Jul 2016

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