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Fr. Canada
Topic: Buy Back Guarantee from Tesla Motors on Their Model S Sedan
Three years ago Tesla Motors introduced their Model S electric sedan and made a promise to buy back the cars after three years at a guaranteed minimum price after three years of ownership.

The company recently made an about face and backed out of that promise when most of those cars are now coming up to the three-year period of the program. Whether any owner actually sold their vehicles back to the company at the guaranteed buy-back price is a moot point. When a company made such a solemn commitment they should back it up with deed and not chicken out just when the cars are coming up to their 3 year old anniversaries.

By this account alone Elon Musk of Tesla Motors has proven to the world that his word and promise cannot be trusted. He has failed his promises to the world and his stockholders time and time again. So far Tesla Motor's vehicles have been a monumental failure in their attempt to fool Chinese buyers into buying their super-overpriced electric cars by hype through varioud paid bloggers and journalist who continue to write glorious accounts and stories about their electric cars in the mainstream media and social networks.

I personally avoid buying anything that is being hyped in the media like Tesla cars and Apple devices. I much prefer to do my own independent investigation and read published reviews of the products that I am interested in buying from various sources that I know are independent, not biased and professionally done.

I am now considering buying either a fully electric or hybrid electirc motor vehicle. With fully electric cars my main concern is the availability of convenient charging stations besides being able to buy and install one in my house assuming it is reasonable priced. I want a vehicle, most likely a large SUV, with a large enough battery that I can drive from Xiamen to, say, Beijing and visit Fuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, etc, along the way. Or from Xiamen to Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen (and across the border to Hong Kong), Nanning, Guilin, etc. without having to recharge midway between destinations. I was told by various electric taxi drivers here in Xiamen that BYD has a 10-year warranty on their baterries so they are not worried by battery replacement during the economic life of their taxis, because these lithium batteries can cost as much as half of the original vehicle's selling price when bought as replacement spare part.

Having had a lot of experience in designing, engineering, installing and selling electric power plants, among other high-tech products, I do not believe these charging stations cost that much to design amd manufacture. Therefore they should not cost very much to buy. But I am sure these unscropoulus manufacturers will try to milk consumers for whatever the market will bear because of their trend-following stupidity and ingnorance. Hybrids will be advantageous in the absence of widespread availability of charging stations.

BYD in Shenzhen sells some pretty good vehicles in these categories without any Tesla-like or Apple-like hype, and when one considers the substantial "energy-saving program" government subsidy available here, the price of these vehicles are not any more expensive than regular gasoline engine-powered motor vehicles in the market today.
16 Jul 2016
Fr. Canada
I know a lot of Americans are so enamored with Tesla electric cars because they seem to be so exotic. To me, these cars are not worth the prices that Tesla Motors wants to sell them at. One must remember that whenever a new product hits the market, their prices reflect a big portion of amortized research and development costs that the manufacturer hope to recover as soon as possible, before they introduce new models to the market. The cycle goes on and on. If one wants to buy these new products, they should wait for such amotization to be basically done, as well as defective or inadequate product designs and engineering to be ironed out, before they buy. Don't rush in to buy new products as soon as they start being sold to avoid being disappointed.
16 Jul 2016

Fr. Romania
Man... Xiamen Beijing is over 2000km drive, you can't even do that much mileage (realistically) with something like a VW Bluemotion which has crazy range on 1 fill. Electric cars at the moment are for city commutes.

And I think that if you have the money, you should support new products, because how can we expect new companies to make new products if nobody is buying them?
18 Jul 2016

Fr. Canada
Hi there. 2,000 km is a piece of cake and is defnitely nothing for someone who has driven from the east coast to the west coast and return, as well as from the north to the south and return, across the U.S.A. and across Canada. But without widespread availability of charging stations, all-electric vehicles will not ba suitable for long journies. Hybrids, of course, are a different story.

I support only products that are proven to be reliable and durable, easy to service, don not cots an arm and a leg to service over a period of time. That automatically eliminates Tesla because I definitely do not think highly of their products. They have only hype and hoopla and no reputation to speak about at all! They do not even manufacture their own batteries, instead depends on suppliers like Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and others whose technology are not any better than Chinese manufacturers' technology. China today produces the bulk of lithium ion batteries that are sold in world markets. Do your own research if you want.
19 Jul 2016

Fr. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
I saw your comment, it’s really inspiring, I want to ask, do you have any public opinion guidance management, or online commenting experience?
22 Jul 2016

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