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Fr. Canada
Topic: Pokemon GO Giving Hackers Direct Access to Your Phone
Well-known and well-respected Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware publisher EmsiSoft warned people of the following:

Pokemon Go has taken over the world in the space of a weekend. Through your phone’s GPS, you can now capture Pokemon in the real world. But, due to an oversight by the apps developers, Pokemon Go can also capture all the private data linked to your Google account.

On sign up, you will be asked to provide your Google login. Apps commonly use existing credentials rather than creating their own to speed up installation and make sign up easy. However, in the case of Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs, the app’s developers, offer no clear limitation to what the app, or third parties have access to or how this information will be used. Through third party download sites, hackers are even gaining access through malware attacks. Your private information is at risk.

Therefore, play Pokemin Go at your own risk.
16 Jul 2016
Fr. United States
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11 Oct 2017

replied by Donaldframs on 03:19:43 21 Oct
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