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Fr. Canada
Topic: Deadly Intelligence that FEMA Wants to Keep Quiet
Former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA headquarters, space shuttle engineer, author, and CEO of Earthquake and Prediction Center, John L. Casey, shares life-saving intelligence about what FEMA is not telling you about earthquakes, volcanic activity, and solar hibernation. FEMA is the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In June 2015, John Casey issued a warning letter to FEMA, warning that the world would be heading into a “solar hibernation” period, a period that historically has been proven to cause upticks in catastrophic seismic and volcanic activity. Unfortunately, FEMA and the government are ignoring the multiple warnings sent from his institute.

According to Casey:

“We believe the USA and the world, has now entered the most dangerous period for catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in over two hundred years….It would be foolhardy to ignore in particular, the history of major earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone and the fact that at the bottom of every solar hibernation for the past 600 years, that area has seen devastating earthquakes ranging from M6.8 to M8.0.”

Why would FEMA and the government continually ignore repeated warnings that could save lives here in America? What earthquakes have a more likely chance of going off and how much time do we have left before the “big one”? All that and more in this CRUCIAL report they are attempting to suppress!

PLEASE, PLEASE share this report as much as you can among your circles of friends and relatives in the U.S.A. to let them know what is coming.

16 Jul 2016
Fr. Canada
FEMA is 联邦紧急事务管理署 in Simplified Chinese.
16 Jul 2016

Fr. Canada
This blog site does not appear to be able to handle Chinese characters well. What happened, Mr. or Ms. Moderator?
16 Jul 2016

Fr. China
But then, this is an English website, hence, we have never placed focus on the site's programming ability to recognize Chinese characters.
19 Jul 2016

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