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Fr. United Kingdom
Topic: Be Careful What You Sign.
A Chinese tourist who lost his wallet in Germany, was given a form to sign, which he assumed (not being able to read German) that it was to report the loss. He signed it.

However,due to a misunderstanding, the form was to register as a migrant, and he was taken away and put in a migrant shelter.

It took him 14 days to convince the German authorities of the mistake and let him go!

Moral: Don't sign anything you don't understand.

(or just search 'Chinese tourist' + 'Germany'
09 Aug 2016
Fr. Australia
This has shown that it's easier to become an asylum seeker than to report a stolen wallet in Germany.

You can easily sign something under duress, especially under the 'influence' of the state authorities.

I would hope that the tourist seeks for compensation.
11 Aug 2016

Fr. United States
Now imagine his problem of trying to convince the authorities here that he really wasn't trying to seek asylum in Germany.
11 Aug 2016

Fr. Isle of Man
They were really nice to him though and helped him through the experience finally getting him on his way thanks to the help of a local restaurant who aided in his translation.
06 Sep 2016

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