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Fr. United States
Topic: TeamUSA wins Rio medals worth 10m2 in XM!
The US Olympic team has won 111 medals in the Rio Olympics! 40 Gold, 36 Silver and 35 Bronze, the most of any country by far.

But what are all those medals actually worth? (See photo)

It comes out to about 221,000 RMB, or about the same as the cost of 10 square meters of real estate in a very cheap part of Xiamen.

21 Aug 2016
Fr. India
First time I see some one comparing Olympic medals with money or a piece of property. Very pitty to understand people from United States post such a comment.
22 Aug 2016

replied by Sagan on 17:29:04 22 Aug
Have you no sense of humor?
replied by Spixe on 18:04:51 23 Aug
Very pity to see you judge the entire population of a country based on one person\'s random internet comment.
Fr. United States
"Speedo is the first Ryan Lochte sponsor to cut its ties with the disgraced U.S. swimmer." - CNN

Oh sh!t, our medals just lost some of their value!
23 Aug 2016

replied by Sagan on 01:13:24 23 Aug
But a least he apologized for his \"exaggerations\", saying he was \"110% sorry\"!
Fr. Switzerland
Where in Xiamen can you still buy a flat for 22'000 /m2? Except some SOHO.

Besides this, the value of olympic medals cannot really be expressed by money....
30 Aug 2016

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