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Fr. Canada
Topic: Xiamen ranks 3rd among top 10 cleanest cities in China
I LOL when I read this news article in WOX yesterday. It turned out that the cleanest was Hong Kong and the 2nd cleanest was Macau. Technically speaking, Hong Kong and Macau are part of China politically, but other than that the two territories are a while lot different from cities in Mainland China.

Each time I cross over from Shenzhen to Hong Kong or Zhuhai to Macau I can definitely "feel" and "smell" the difference between the air between the cities, and that is only one aspect. There is a lot more difference between the two city pairs than I can write about in a short article.

But to compare Xiamen and Hong Kong and Macau is like comparing day and night. Yes, from afar it would seem that Xiamen is "clean" in appearance, but when one looks at the different parts of the city and the habits of the people (e.g. widespread spitting, throwing cigarette butts everywhere, etc.) it becomes very apparent that Xiamen does not even come close to both Hong Kong and Macau. I have visited Dalian several times and that city is supposed to be the 4th cleanest city in China. Maybe yes, maybe not. I think both Xiamen and Dalian have a long ways to go before being able to join the likes of Hong Kong and Macau as "clean" cities. And of course Singapore is way out front, well ahead of even Hong kong and Macau.

To say that Xiamen ia one of the cleanest cities anywhere will remain a pipe dream unless the local government has the resolve to make it that way by making it a "fine" city like Singapore is reputed to be (e.g. fine for spitting, throwing garbage indiscrinately, chewing bubble gums, etc.) and empowering all citizens and residents with the authority to make "citizen arrests" and giving them a financial reward for doing so.
25 Aug 2016
Fr. Ethiopia
I've wondered.........where does all the garbage go? Anyone know how waste is disposed of in China?
12 Sep 2016

Fr. Indonesia
20 Apr 2017

Fr. Indonesia
20 Apr 2017

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