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Fr. Canada
Topic: Is America Truly That "Great" as People Like to Hype About?
To all those who still harbor the thought that America is the "best" example of a "democratic" and "benevolent" country, please visit this website and view the video shown. And let me know what you think.

This information came from the website known as The Crux, or, a U.S. financial advisory related website, not a political website. But finance and politics are inextricably intertwined and inter-related in many aspects. I am a subscriber to some of their financial advisory newsletters.

Read this related article as well.

03 Sep 2016
Fr. Australia
This is another world economic and world financial doomsayer, but interesting commentaries and video clips.
05 Sep 2016

Fr. Isle of Man
I think that video is old news and its one of those scam videos to get you to subscribe to a service. Thumbs down. Want to start a political discussion? Throw your two cents in and try harder!
06 Sep 2016

replied by Sagan on 18:15:55 06 Sep
Where have you been? Thought you gave up on WOX.
replied by robertmorrison on 09:05:30 07 Sep
I just stop in yonder the banter every once in a while. Not much interesting but this was just ridiculous. Half lame attempt to start a conversation half trolling, had to give my LiangMaoQian
Fr. Ethiopia
I say...."not so great", just look at the election process, name calling, lies, and corruption. Hashing out the same issues election after election, healthcare, economy, security. After more than two hundred years America has still not got it right. The world needs to get along. After thousands of years human behavior is still so primitive that wars and killing are the only answers we can muster. We still behaive as primitive man did millennia ago, only today we have much better weapons than sticks and stones. Much improvement needed.
12 Sep 2016

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