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Fr. Canada
Topic: Too Little, Too Late
Read the article "Obama announces $90 million to clear Laos' unexploded bombs" here at CNN's website:

In the article it was written "Between 1964 and 1973, US warplanes rained more than two million tons of bombs on Laotian villages and countryside to try and cut off the Vietnamese army's supply trail. To this day, less than 1% of the bombs have been cleared, according to US-based non-government organization Legacies of War."

It was the American Military that caused the deaths and miseries in the first place what what have they done to redress the issues and compensate the Lao people for all the deatructions and sufferings over the decades after the Vietnam War?

This is one the reasons why Obama met such cold reception and humiliation in Hangzhou the past week at the G20 Meeting. America's continuous meddling in other countries' affairs and confrontational behavior are making more enemies than friends for the country all over the world. The intensity of confrontations with both China in Asia and Russia in Europe is reaching feverish pitch.

Both China and Russia will not take American insults, intransigence and bullying sitting down. Russia has issued a nuclear war threat against the United States, stating that it is deploying troops and ballistic missiles to the area 50 miles from the US border in Alaska, upping the ante following a long US-led aggressive confrontation in Europe and the Baltic Sea region. China is not backing down anytime soon in their stance in the East and South China Sea. Even tiny Philippines is rejecting Obama's interference in their President's (Duterte) effort to clean up the country of it's massive drug problem. And Thailand and Laos are backing China's stance in the South China Sea conflict with some Asian countries due to overlapping territorial claims.

While many people remain complacent about what is going on the world stage, it behooves us to remain vigilant and alert to what is going on around us at all times. Wars and rumors of war are everywhere. Many governments worldwide have started to warn their people to prepare for possible deadly calamities or conflicts and store food and water to last for at least a week or longer. Earthquakes and volcano eruptions are happening more frequently and more violently in many countries. The same with other forms of natural disasters.

Nibiru or Planet X is real and approaching our galaxy fast even as many people still do not believe or are totally unaware that there is such a dark and normally invisible "Destroyer" planet that will greatly and adversely affect the magnetic fields of Earth as it gets nearer and fly by Earth in it's 3,000 year orbit around our Sun. Even more dangerous is Planet X will bring many debries with it in the form of asteroids, meteors and other space rocks, big and small, in it's trail. There is a possibility that some of these may or could stray from their obsevered trajectories and put Earth in harm's way. Even a small extra-terrestrial rock hitting Earth will cause massive damage and represents an enormous life threatening event over a very wide area around the point of impact.

So, beware and prepare yourselves for so many calamities and disasters that could very well happen within our life times. There are not many places to hide from them or run away from them.
07 Sep 2016
Fr. China
You are so pessimistic. Try to look at the bright side mate, sunshine, beautiful lady, delicious foods, spectaculars view..
Get away from political issues.
04 Oct 2016

Fr. United States
It was interesting above collegepaper written. My pleasure for about written.
21 Mar 2017

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