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Fr. United States
Topic: Interesting American NPR Report on Kinmen

I'm not sure I would like to see the island destroyed under the guise of "development" if they were to allow mainland Chinese investment on the island.

Does anyone know any foreigners who own property on Kinmen?
12 Sep 2016
Fr. Canada
Kinmen is part of Taiwan. Foreigners are allowed to buy and own condos in Taiwan so I would assume the law is the same for Kinmen. I think Kinmen would be a wonderful place to live in for retirees who do not have to earn a living there. It is clean, quite and peaceful as far as I can see in my previous two visits to the island. As long as there is very fast Internet service available for a reasonable price, I do not mind staying in Kinmen and coming to Xiamen once in a while to do my business. I really do not need to live in Xiamen all the time if there is an alternative place to live nearby. The cost of living in Xiamen is way out of line for a small city and prices of normal everyday-use foreign-branded consumer products in Kinmen are at least 30% to 40% less expensive in Kinmen compared to those in Xiamen. The next time I visit Kinmen i shall ask around to find out how much it would cost to either rent or buy a suitable place there.
13 Sep 2016

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