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Fr. Canada
Topic: Standing Room Only
In today's Yahoo News there was an article saying that Pakistani airline has been accused of issuing handwritten boarding passes and allowing people to stand on overcrowded flight.

This is not the first time I heard about such unsafe practice. In fact I was in one very early morning Xiamen Airline flight from Xiamen to Fuzhou some twenty years ago where at least 7 or 8 passengers on board the aircraft had to stand because the flight was overbooked. I had to go on that first flight to Fuzhou to attend a meeting with an important customer with our Fuzhou sales people.

When I returned to Xiamen that very afternoon I filed a complaint with the Boeing representative, who was staying in the same hotel (Pan Pacific Hotel on Hubin North Road) as I am as long-staying guests. He said he was going to raise the issue with Xiamen Airlines and the airport authorities.

Has anyone ever experienced such a situation?
01 Mar 2017

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