2014 WOX (Tiger Beer) Halloween Costume Bash 

WOXers, it's time to get creative and spooky again for the 8th WOX Halloween Party! Seven years on, the annual WOX Halloween Party has become very famous and popular in Xiamen. This year's event will stay true to form, creating a night of spooky fun for WOX buddies, friends of buddies, members and readers from all over Xiamen, as well as adding some new twists to the great event.

This year's WOX Halloween Party will be held at Haiwan Park, on the night of 31th October. The highlight of each year's event, the WOX Halloween Costume Contest will be staged in Haiwan Park as well.

Be someone's worst nightmare, be a star and be there with WOX on this spooky but fun night of celebration.

★ WOX Halloween Party

When: Friday 31th October: party to start at 8pm and continue to the early hours of the next morning
Where: Fountain Square by the seafront, Haiwan Park

What to wear?

Ghosts, Goblins, Monsters, Witches… and maybe even your favorite politician... will be present. You can choose to be sexy, funny, or simply come as yourself and enjoy the show. Check back later for more information regarding the costume contest!

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Main Sponsors

Date & Place

- Venue: Fountain Square by the seafront, Haiwan Park
- Date: Friday 31th October
- Hours: From 8pm to dawn

Sponsorship Contact

- Tel: 0592-5128682
- Fax: 0592-5070350
- Website: www.whatsonxiamen.com
- Email: woxinfo@whatsonxiamen.com