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1st professional Korean skin care centre set up in Xiamen

Updated: 2010-04-15
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You can have professional Korean-style skin care in Xiamen now. The first Korean Red Club in Fujian opened yesterday on the 4th Floor of Xiamen Paragon Centre. 
According to the manager of the Red Club, there are 30 Red Club's stores in China, and only 5 of them provide beauty care only, the new store in Xiamen is one of them.
The service in Xiamen's Red Club will focus on skin care and slimming.
"The Xiamen store is the best among the 30 ones in China", the manager said, "all the products we use are the latest, updating synchronously with Korea, and the equipments are all the newest ones, though two equipments of which will not be launched until the Kong Kong Fair this November." 
The manager also said the Xiamen store is of VIP level, and every customer can enjoy the highest service level in the store with the highest level of products, equipments and services. The number of VIP level stores in Korea is only 4.
The Red Club's Korean-style meridian massage is a basic beauty care which many Korean stars use. According to the different location on your face, it can help you have a perfect profile by face massage and also make the skin healthier.
So far, the Red Club has done image design for many stars, including Michael Joseph Jackson, Hilary, Leon Lai, Jang Dong-gun, and Lee Youngae, and Chinese TV series "A Dream of Red Mansions".
Xiamen Red Club 厦门李嘉子
Address: 4F, Xiamen Paragon Centre, No.199 Jiahe Road
Nearest bus stop: Lianhua Bei
Buses: 23, 45, 73, 85, 505, 508
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