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Bike around Fujian with Apple Travel and Run My Way

Updated: 2008-04-29
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We love cycling in Fujian and think you will too! Fujian Province in southern China is full of surprises and you will be amazed with what you will find here.


Why bicycle in Fujian, China?


With the China’s most remote areas and ancient villages set amidst mountains, valleys, islets and coastal, cycling in Fujian is an unparalleled treat to those of us who grew up strapped into the seat of a car. We consider the bicycle the perfect means of transportation since it allows the body to keep pace with the mind.


Run My Way is a bike shop with informal bike club; its functions and interests are designed to help you plan a wonderful bicycle tour in Fujian. At Apple Travel and Run My Way, they believe small groups enhance the traveling experience.



 Ferry going to Zhangzhou Terminal from Tong'i Terminal


Custom, Private and Small tours


We offer custom private tours of small groups. This allows more spontaneity for stopping at interesting villages, or taking photos without having to be concerned about "keeping up with the group."  This is because bicycle touring is very individualistic and riding at your own pace and style will greatly enhance your experience in Fujian



 Beginners Welcome


For the uninitiated, Run My Way offers private introductory cycling tours that will teach you what you need to know to successfully tour in Fujian, or anywhere else you may be interested in going. We will teach you the proper cycling techniques, adjust your bike so it best fits you and coach you on pacing yourself. Also we will teach you the basics of survival Chinese so that you can interact with the locals on your own.



No bike? No problem!


Getting a bike in China is easy. Run My Way shop has many road and mountain bikes with Shimano components are readily available at reasonable costs. Run My Way can advise on the selection of panniers and other equipment or provide it for you.  Want to experience Xiamen and surrounding areas from a bicycle, but don't feel up to pedaling all day?  Perhaps an electric bicycle would be right for you.  Electric bikes are readily available and can travel up to 80 kilometers on a single charge. Just let us know your needs.



  Gathering for a one day trip under the flyover bridges in Dongdu


Experienced Touring Cyclists - Full Tour or Short "Introduction" Rides


Get a tour designed to meet your abilities and interests be it fast-paced or slow-but-sure. We can show you the best parts of China at your pace and your convenience.   We can also provide "Introduction Rides" that give you a "soft" landing at the beginning of doing a longer ride.  This consists of having a guide ride with you for a week or so to show you how to deal with touring in Fujian   Included are short language lessons, tips on safety, security and hygiene, and how to find a hotel.


For more information, call 13459268822, Choi can assist.




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