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Bicycle trip to Zhangzhou Volcanic Park

Updated: 2008-11-19
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Taking a bicycle on some of the picturesque trails around Fujian can be a rewarding and healthy way to escape the concrete jungle.


In Xiamen and surrounding cities and countryside there are numerous breathtaking escapes that will reward riders, from novice mountain bikers to adrenaline-seeking trail riders. Zhangzhou ride is one of them.


Zhangzhou, a city in Fujian is located in the South eastern coast of China facing Taiwan across the sea. Zhangzhou is known as ‘The Land of Plenty’, "Hua City" or “Flower City” and "Land of Fish and Rice". 


Zhangzhou has 1,300 years of cultural buildup. Zhangzhou, which is rich in mountain resources, rich seafood, abundant water resources from the Nine Dragon River, all of these provide plenty of unique collections of food, fruits, flowers, tourism, fitness and cultural experience as one tourist destination.


What is more appealing to riders in Xiamen is that, Zhangzhou Port is only a quick ferry ride from Xiamen Tongyi Port. Taking about 45minutes and departing hourly, the fare for the ferry is about 4rmb one way. A bicycle cum passenger cost 10rmb one way.



Tongy Port is next to Xiamen International Ferry Terminal


One of the better way to move around Zhangzhou is on a bike, especially travel from the Port to the Xiamen University Campus in Zhangzhou. Around and in the campus, bicycle is the king. Mountain bike is a better choice as there are lots of constructions going on in Zhangzhou and many areas are not yet developed, the roads could be rough at times.


About 35kms from the University is where Zhangzhou Volcanic Park rested. This scenic zone is the best choice for weekend tour. In Zhangzhou, the most significant natural scenic spot is this National Geology Park; call the Scenic Zone of Zhangpu-Linjinyu Coastal Volcano.


Riding a bicycle from Zhangzhou Port to the Volcanic Park is a 1 to 2 hours experience, depending on the speed you are travelling. You will be passing through a few townships along the way. So, fluid replenishment is never a problem. Snacking along the way to bring up the energy level can also be very enjoyable. There are many hills to conquer, and down hill riding can be hair rising.



The front entrance of THe Zhangzhou Volcanic Park


The entry to the Park is around 80rmb and there are extra charges to the volcanic islands whick lie off the coast from the main Park. Entries to the 2 islands cost 100rmb and 50rmb respectively. WOX and Apple Travel has paired up with the tourist spot. There are special packages and there are big savings.


The Volcanic Park is actually nestled among the fishing village, riding around the fishing village to look for a nice tucker spot is half the fun. There, we found a nice fisherman kitchen called Jiangfeng Yuhuo 江 枫 渔 火.


At the restaurant, there are good varieties of fresh seafood directly supplied by the fishermen. From this land of plenty, seafood, noodles, and vegetable dishes are inexpensive. Our 4 dishes meal cost us about 15rmb per head. We had steamed fish in ginger and shallots, a asparagus and clams soup, a plate of green veggie and a huge plate of fried noodles, plus some steamed rice to tuck our stomach full.


The lunch we had was heaven sent. After riding for a solid hour or two, we were so hungry that we could eat a horse.


Bike riding is not allowed in the Geological Park; though you can keep your bikes at the cottages you stay which are inside the park. However, if hiking is a problem, there are electric carts servicing the entire park. Find a secluded beach, set up bonfire over the night, BBQ the fish you bought from the local fishermen. This wild park picnic with bonfire would be an experience that is hard to forget.


The Peninsular where the main park is located is 18km by 2km, hence, trekking and hiking is ideal. In the park, there are restaurants, shops, souvenirs, and convenient stores etc. 

You can bring your own food and have a picnic with your friends!  Bring your beach shorts and bikinis to go swimming in their secluded beach which is clean and natural!



Stay the night at one of the cottages


Stay the night at one of the cottages. They are not star hotel, but they have the basis. In the land full of stars and fresh air with bushy surrounding, they are practically quite perfect.


Outside the park, the best way to tramp through the fishing village and the coastal area is by mountain bicycles. Doing it with a small group of friends is an experience that you would not easily forget.


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Apple Travel organizes trip to Zhangzhou Volcanic Park either with van, bus transport with ferry ride. Or if you are adventurous, a bicycle trip can be arranged, whichever takes your fancy.


Please call Susan on 5074177 to make your booking. Or at Apple Travel which is located behind Marco Polo Hotel at Guanren Road. Confirmed advance booking and pre-payment is required to ascertain the exact numbers.

Apple Travel can organize exclusive tour for any individual or group to visit the Park. Visit or call +86 592 5053122 for a self guided tour.


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