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Gyms and fitness Industries in Xiamen

Updated: 2007-05-07
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Xiamen is fast becoming the fitness centre of China. Thanks to its climate, the topography and fitness crave of the new middle class which is growing fast. Gyms and fitness centres are being open all over Xiamen.


Apart from fitness crave in Xiamen, gym equipments manufacturing is growing leaps and bounds too. There are nearly 500 fitness equipment companies in China that produce about half the world’s common fitness equipment and process a lot for foreign brands. Now, fitness equipment made in China covers around 50% world market share while the figure is still growing. The fitness equipment industry grows most rapidly in Xiamen. The amount of export reaches 2.5 billion in 2005, exceeding the Yangtze River Delta and Zhujiang Delta, which makes Xiamen the biggest fitness equipment export base of China.

Apart from some local demand, the main reason why the Xiamen fitness equipment industry are growing so fast in  the recent years is that: fitness equipment export in Taiwan tops the world, once covering 40% to 50% of the world. In recent years, most of the Taiwan fitness equipment manufactures are shifting to Xiamen. As an international port and the center city of the west side of the straits economic zone, Xiamen enjoys the convenient transportation, mature logistics system and similar culture and customs as Taiwan.




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