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Xiamen round-the-world sailors reach Manila in 5 days

Updated: 2011-11-10
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The "Xiamen” sailboat successfully arrived in Manila on 6th November.
After its launch ceremony on 3rd Nov in Xiamen, the sailboat “Xiamen” successfully arrived in Manila, the first stop of its voyage, on 8th November, reports Strait Herald.
Mr. Pan Shijian, together with the families of the sailors, was able to communicate with the sailors of "Xiamen" sailboat for the first time by satellite phone on the afternoon of 6th November. According to Mr. Wei Jun, the captain in charge of the voyage, in spite of the stormy weather, everything is currently going to plan.
The "Xiamen" sailboat berthed in Manila Yacht Club after the Philippines immigration inspection, and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Bryan Levinge, the president of Manila Yacht Club and the overseas Chinese.
The sailors are expected to stay in Manila for 3 days to promote cultural exchange and cooperation.
The "Xiamen" sailboat will leave for Xiamen’s sister city Maroochydore, in Australia, as the second stop of the voyage after the 3-day stopover in Manila.
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