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UK girl, 6, soars to 4ft 10ins due to Marfan Syndrome

Updated: 2012-04-24
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Growing up: Sophie, aged just six, already towers over her friend Daisy due to Marfan Syndrome
Marfan Syndrome: the condition means Sophie has elongated limbs and fingers
Meet Sophie Hollins, who at 4ft 10ins is the tallest six-year-old in Britain.

Sophie, from Southampton, wears an adult size three shoe, jeans for 11-year-olds and is the average height of a 12-year-old - twice her age.

Despite all this, she still has her baby teeth.

As a baby she was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a rare condition which causes elongation of the arms, legs, fingers and toes.

Now age six, Sophie is head and shoulders above her classmates and sleeps in an adult-sized bed.

Her mother Lorraine says Sophie has always been a foot taller than the children in her class.

The dental nurse, who is 5ft 3, said: 'Sophie’s catching up to me in height. I’m only a size four shoe, so soon she could be wearing mine.

'She weighed 10lbs at birth and was very long. None of the clothes I had bought for her fit.

'Sophie was straight into clothes for three month olds when she was born. I had to get hand-me-downs from friends.

'When she was two she was wearing clothes for four-year-olds.'

Marfans Syndrome causes expansion of the soft connective tissues in the body, which results in long limbs and can cause other health problems.

From the age of two Sophie’s retinas began to detach and she underwent corrective surgery, for which she wears special glasses.

The soft tissue around her heart is also at risk of expanding so Sophie is on medication to control this.

Lorraine, who is separated from Sophie’s dad, Ian, 45, also has a four-year-old son, Ryan, who does not have Marfans.

Lorraine, 38, said: 'Because Sophie’s arms and legs are too long, she is quite clumsy and not very good at sports.

'At the moment, like any six year old, she’s waiting for her adult teeth to come through.

'Her baby teeth have fallen out so she looks quite strange being so tall.'
'I'm very protective of her': Sophie with her mother Lorraine and brother Aaron 
Over the top: Sophie offers some support to her friends Daisy and Keira

Lorraine added: 'I’m very protective of her, though.

'Some people don’t realise she’s so young and they treat her like an older child, which can be scary for her.

'I have to take her birth certificate to places like theme parks to prove she’s under 11 and eligible for the child rate.'

Coincidently, Sophie was in the same pre-school class at the former tallest five-year-old in the UK, Liana Lisle.

Lorraine said: 'Sophie and Liana were friends at school.

'Me and Liana’s mum, Donna, had an awful lot in common because our daughters were very tall.'

Lorraine added: 'I even gave Liana’s mum some of Sophie’s old clothes because Sophie had grown out of them.'

The condition often leads to aortic root dilation - a life-threatening complication.

If it is undiagnosed, the aorta can tear, which will often lead to the death of the victim almost immediately.
SOURCE: Daily Mail
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tallnsexy1979 commented on 03 Nov 2012
where do i begin?i was diagnosed with marfans when i was 12 years old.i was terrified when they told me i had a disease.being twelve and soaring over my parents whom were 5"3 and 5"5 and every kid in class from kindergarten onward,my dr that diagnosed me with it,told me i have an exciting test,i dont belive you can do any of these things.sadly to say i could do all those things and do them very well,as it was normal to me to be able to do it.needless to say i always and forever felt like i was the only one with this.back than it wasnt really known too much.i felt like a black sheep in a million crowds of white sheep.i have kept this disease disguised for the better part of my life and kept it as a dark secret only me and my family could ever know.i remember kids at school being very heartless to me,simply because i was completely different and stood out from everyone in school,being a girl isnt easy,but being a girl with these disease was another how did i come to this page?i went out on a date with a nurse i been talking to,he noticed i would try to keep my hands out of sight alot,which has become a habit for me as well as looking down a whole lot trying to mask my height.he asked me if i had marfans syndrome,i was floored and in disbelief he knew about it,and even more so how i have tried to hide from this disease for all these years.i have always felt like a outcast.not as good as 33 now,and needless to say the rumors of drinking coffee and smoking will stunt your growth,so at 12 it sounded like a great idea to me.i thought i can stop this.i dunno maybe i did.or maybe it was my wishful 6"1 and i have no idea if i would of been taller than that if i didnt do those things.when i read your story about little sophie i literally sobbed.i know all she will go through and the hurtful things kids will say to her.i just want you to do one thing for me.plz tell her shes a beautiful little girl tell her to walk tall tell her to not hide from others.and never be ashamed of literally so emotional right now,i just dont have the happy to see that you are supporting your daughter,you seem like a wonderful mother,and shes very lucky to have you in her life.looking at her pictures,thats exactly how i was when i was a child,her hands height just everything.i could almost see myself in her.anyways i made this account so i could comment on this,as i felt i really need to,and maybe just maybe get this load of my shoulders i been carrying for so many years.god bless little sophie,god keep her safe and healthy,your story has touched me in such a way.i really have no words to describe it.god be with you little sophie,and be with you too mommy"by the way my moms name is lorraine too" :)