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Chinese man with autism to walk 7000km across China

Updated: 2012-12-01
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20-year-old Chen Meng (center), born with autism, and Dou Yixin (second from left) arrived in Tianjin during their epic 7,000km walking journey across China, from the country's northernmost city Mohe to its second southernmost city Sanya.
A man who suffers from autism, accompanied by a volunteer, arrived in Tianjin on Wednesday as a part of an epic 7,000km journey walking across China, from the country's northernmost city Mohe to its second southernmost city Sanya.

20-year-old Chen Meng, who was born with autism, is able to take care of himself after receiving training for years. He got a welding certificate and his paintings have been well-received by the public. 
Dou Yixin, 49, was a successful businessman before he became involved in autistic charity work. He is currently the director of the non-profit organization The Jintian Autism Rehabilitation Training Center in Beijing.

The two embarked on the 150-day journey on August 25th, in order to raise public awareness of autism and encourage the families of children with autism.

The pair walked a total of 2,000 km before arriving in Tianjin.

Volunteers from a local university and the parents of autistic children gathered together to welcome the two walkers near Tianjin’s Parkson Plaza. Wearing a blue ribbon for autism awareness, they paraded down Binjiang Avenue and handed out postcards written by children with autism.

A mother of an autistic child, named Shanshan, said: "What Chen Meng has done has encouraged me to raise my child well despite the challenges."

If everything goes according to plan, Chen Meng and Dou Yixin will finish their 7,000km walk in Sanya - the popular tourist destination - in February.
SOURCE: WOX News by Ray Zhang
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