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Spots in Xiamen for sailing adventures

Updated: 2013-11-21
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xiamen sailing
Sailing in Xiamen (File photo)
Xiamen, a beautiful island city boasting vast expanses of water, long and beautiful sandy beaches, and reliable winds great for sailing, is fast gaining recognition as one of the major hot spots for water sports in China.
During recent years, water sports in Xiamen have gaining more and more popularity, not only because of its geological advantages, but also thanks to concerted efforts taken by the government, business investors and water sports fans. 
Among the many marine activities on offer in Xiamen, sailing has become one of most popular choices among water sports enthusiasts thanks to the tremendous exhilaration and fun which it offers.
Sailing is the propulsion of a vehicle and the control of its direction with large foils (usually fabric) called sails. By controlling the rigging, rudder, and sometimes the keel or centreboard, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to move the vessel relative to its surrounding medium (typically water, but also land and ice) and change its direction and speed. Mastery of the skill requires experience in varying wind and sea conditions, as well as knowledge of the sailboats themselves and a familiarity with the surroundings.
In the past few years, Xiamen has successfully hosted a wide range of sailing competitions including the 2nd "Strait Cup" Sailing Competition, Cross-Strait University Sailing Race, 14th Fujian Provincial Games, China Club Challenge Match 2012, and more.
With the growth of the sailing industry, it’s becoming ever easier to try your hand at the sport in Xiamen. Why not challenge yourself to try sailing on a sunny day, or alternatively head out on a more relaxing trip with friends and family - a fantastic opportunity and setting to spend time together and bond.
Where to sail
1) Wuyuan Bay
wuyuan bay
Wuyuan Bay in Xiamen (File photo)
Out of the entirety of Xiamen's coastline, Wuyuan Bay is the single best spot to go sailing. With its expanse of water, beautiful coastline, unspoilt natural scenery, and perfect wind year-round, it is hailed as “one of the precious sailing sports bases in the world”.
Address: Wuyuan Bay, Huli District
2) Guanyin Mountain Beach
guanyin mountain
Guanyin Mountain Beach in Xiamen (File photo)
Guanyin Mountain Beach is the biggest beach in Xiamen (and maybe even Fujian Province). At nearly 3 km long, the beach is great for the normal beach fun and water sports alike. The beach holds China's "National Golden Beaches" distinction, and is the largest and best known of its kind in China.
Add: Costal tourism area on East Huandao Lu, Siming District
3) Baicheng Beach
Baicheng beach
Baicheng Beach in Xiamen (File photo)
Located just outside the main campus of Xiamen University, Baicheng Beach is located between Yanwu Bridge and Hulishan Fort. The views from the beach are great and it is also good for water sports
Address: Baicheng Gate, Xiamen University, Xiamen
4) Huangcuo Beach
huangcuo beach
Huangcuo Beach in Xiamen (File photo)
Huangcuo Beach is located on the southeastern coast of Xiamen. Huangcuo Beach has the cleanest sand in Xiamen and the water is extremely clear, making it the best all-around beach in Xiamen.
Address: Huandao Lu, Siming District
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