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Daring Duck brings new sporting trend to Xiamen Huandao beach

Updated: 2014-06-13
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Sandwiched on the beach between the Hulishan Fort and Zhen Zhu Wan, Daring Duck, a new sailing and outdoor training beach camp in Xiamen, is set to create a fun and challenge-packed base for youths and adults.

Mr. Paul Schoe, a former cub scout and boy scout in The Netherlands and a former scout leader of the British Scouts of Western Europe, has been working for three years to find a good location in Xiamen for a weekly scouting group. And finally he chose Huandao Road, one of most popular scenic spots in Xiamen.

The unique location next to Hulishan Fort, with a beach, trees and an attractive activity centre, offers a perfect start for an exciting and valuable scouting experience in Xiamen.

The center offers youth programs, such as community, safety, camping, street sports, first aid, swimming, rescue, kayaking, knots and sailing, which will help them to get closer to nature and develop practical skills to deal with challenges they will face in daily life.

The spacious centre with a large spectrum of water activities is also an ideal place for team building activities for companies including sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing courses.

When night falls in the centre, it is quite another party venue for all the partygoers, as the centre provides barbecue and international dishes while visitors sit around a campfire, enjoying English karaoke or a wonderful outdoor movie. The centre is also the place to be for a wonderful wedding ceremony, which will be tailor-made to your request.

And in June this year, the centre joined to sponsor the 2014 “Gulangyu Cup” International Football Tournament, formerly known as “Amoy Cup”, which will be held from 9am to 5pm on 21st June at the Gulangyu People’s Stadium, which will see 14 teams from six cities battle their way to victory.

About Daring Duck
Address: beach between Hulishan Fort and Zhen Zhu Wan
Tel: 0592-2089798 OR 40089-70070
WeChat: grace-wisdom-ddy

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