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Fish spa therapy outlets around Bank Center CBD area, Xiamen

Updated: 2014-07-11
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fish spa
Movie scene from 'Lost in Thailand' featuring actor Wang Baoqiang (file photo)
There is a movie scene in the blockbuster film, 'Lost in Thailand', which features actor Wang Baoqiang dipping his feet into a fish tank filled with hundreds of fish and enjoying a fish spa on Thailand street. Now, that same fish treatment has been brought to Xiamen, drawing waves of customer who wish to give it a go.

Fish spa therapy, also known as a fish spa pedicure, usually involves a tub of warm fresh water containing dozens to hundreds of small toothless fish called Garra rufah, which are about the size of minnows. Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as 'doctor fish' because they eat away the dead skin they find on people's feet, leaving newer skin exposed.

During the treatment, customers place their feet in tanks, letting the fish nib away their dry and dead skin. The end result is said to leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy.

It's also claimed that the fish can stimulate certain acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue.

In the past half month, Xiamen saw a boom in fish spa therapy outlets citywide. According to someof the outlet owners, a half-hour session of fish spa therapy will only cost you about 20-30 yuan.

Here are several outlets recommendations from WOX if you would like to try the fish treatment around the Bank Center CBD area:
Qin Zui Yu
Qin Zui Yu Fish Spa Therapy
Add: No 121, Siming Bei Road
Tel: 13123385170
Yu Le Jiang Hu Fish Spa Therapy
Add: No.56 Siming Bei Road
Tel: 0592-2989885
Yu Zhi Wen

Yu Zhi Wen

Add: No.63 Shengping Road
Tel: 14759791004
Zang zu guan

Zang Zu Guan
Add: No.81 Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-3875029
Yu Le Turkey

Yu Le Turkey Fish Spa Therapy
Add: No.16 Jukou Street, Zhongshan Road
Tel: 18605028950
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Petrachina commented on 14 Jul 2014
It was so so funny to do that and I think I will go there again!Thanks to WOX Team,they bring great news and make my life in Xiamen so more interesting!!!!!!