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Member Recruitment at Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club

Updated: 2007-07-12
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Wuyuan Bay Marina Complex


Wuyuan Bay Marina Complex is on its second phase of development, the works have been carried out at lightning speed, like other construction projects in China where funds are abundant.


When completed, the marina complex will have the state of the art marina centre in China. It will undoubtedly make a mark on China marina industry right on the door step of Xiamen, a beautiful island in Southern China where climate is ideal for out doors and sea sports.


One of the features of Wuyuan Bay is the bridges. The biggest bridge called Wuyuan Bridge linking Huandao Road has been completed some three years ago and has been open to traffic since. However, there are 4 more smaller bridges currently being built on dry land. Huge excavation of earth work, digging and linking the man-made waterways to the current Wuyuan bay will commence as soon as the bridges are completed.


Wuyuan Bay marina project is one of the biggest in China. It is the commitment of the government multi billion Yuan project. The entire Wuyuan Bay is being turned into a huge sails and boats leisure complex, turning Xiamen into a marine sporting and leisure centre in China.



Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club


Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club has recently commenced its member recruiting exercise. It is on its infant development stage. However, the Sailing Club and its team are keen and they are happy to show you around their current facilities which are new and ready to be used.









Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club is a project invested by Xiamen Road and Bridge Construction Company, a fully state own enterprise. Its aim is to be a first-class marine club which is professional in sailing field and own fully serviced and supported sailboat facilities. The club provides leisure sailing, sailboat docking and maintenance. The club is committed to organize sailing competitions, sailing training, provide member with sailing experience, and other services. Its aim is to promote networking, interpersonal communication and friendship contact between the members, and also create business opportunities among them.


And the Wuyuan Hotel, the sports complex, the entire commercial street and other service facilities are all around the Club.



Services provided by Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club:


1) Provide leisure sailing, sailboat docking and maintenance;

2) Organize sailing competitions, sailing training, sailboat sales and sailing experience;

3) Provide club facilities, to include sailing and boating conferences, serving cigar, wine and other beverages and food

4) Display, showroom sails boats, boats, related goods and services

5) Organizing conference for members regularly.

6) Provide a platform to facilitate the communication between the members.

7) Helping members on regulatory matters and their acting on their instructions.




Admission and annual fee


Membership Fee (one off)

RMB 100,000


Annual fee

RMB 5000 (2000 for management fee, 3000 for miscellaneous fee)


Berth Charge


Berth Charge

Berth Charge

Berth Charge














Boat Rental


Yacht Rental

Non member



Fly Tiger

RMB2000/Half day



RMB2000/Half day








Contact Person: Wang Fei 13599503369

Address: The Building 4, C District, WuYuanWan Commerce street, Xiamen



The price of the berth and the boat rental:

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